★ PSA: Void Elf Paladins are justified in the Lore ★

No offense taken. Perhaps this is also a cultural difference. Let’s just agree that there are many different people out there and so on, I actually believe you in this regard because I know some people in their 60ies who look rather in their 40ies and so on. But the male human model is fine to me. Maybe they will change it in the future but it’s not the biggest problem when it comes to the looks. The male Night Elves are very awkward.

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I wish instead of additional races they’d give current races more body options tbh

I know blizz prob can’t handle sliders, but giving us body type options would be dope.

I’d love an Undead Thalassian Elf model for Forsaken, or even the Velen model for Male Draenei.


I like Male Night Elves. They need like… more faces that are playable. But at least there is one good one. That literally everyone uses.

You’d think Blizz would have that data, “People only use face #6. They ONLY use face #6

They should give Blood Elves an Undead button they can click that gives them a voice modulator and undead skin options…

I mean, they should do that with Void Elves too for High Elves. Turn off entropic embrace, change the nameplate.

I read the post and I had seen this post. Could you point me to the part he says “We added these skins so people can play as High Elves.” (which already had studying the Void anyway).?

I already showed you that post. Here you go. AGAIN.

Shadowlands Zones, Covenant Armor, and Character Customization Interview with Art Director Ely Cannon - Wowhead News

Danuser is talking in January about why there are more than a “Crack Squad” of Void Elves.

In May Blizzard announced that Void Elves were gonna get some skin and eye colors:

New Customization Options for Blood Elves and Void Elves - Community / General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

In July Ely cannon said why you could do it.


A High Elf can be a Void Elf, but you’re a Void Elf as soon as you hit ‘Finish’ on your character select because you’re literally on a void infested plane of existence and your storyline revolves around using the void for good.

That doesn’t mean your character can’t have High Elf roots or storylines that cross-over with the Silver Covenant and Dalaran, but the void influence is a primary story aspect of your player character. You have void racial, flag, mount, aesthetic, and music.

Granted, there will be people who do not accept this, and that’s fine. But I think people need to just be real about what’s actually implemented in game, and what’s their own personal RP fantasy. At least until it actually get’s implemented, then it becomes a different story.


I read that. And how do this contradicts anything of what Danuser said? The point is that it was made in 2019, but this doesn’t mean in the slightest that these Elves are not the ones studying the Void or that warrants a Paladin class.

We’re on the same point, again, aside from the Paladin class.


I just want to Roleplay as Gød

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Ok. That’s fine. but if your argument is, “Only your in game experience matters.”

Then Void Elves can be Holy Priests. So we can get Paladins. So, no problem from you there, right? Easy solution.


Again. Danuser states why you can make more purple Elves.

Ely Cannon says they’re giving you High Elf options to play the experience and character you want.

You’re adding an extra step and deciding, “If you’ve got fair skin, that’s because High Elf Wayfarers joined.”

Doesn’t make sense. You’ve added that step. As far as what Ely cannon says, You can just be a High Elf, end of story.

But let’s go with it. Let’s say that if you’re a fair skinned Elf, then you’re a Blood Elf or a High Elf that just joined.

Well Discipline Priests and Holy Priests exist.

So, Paladin is fine.

So, it’s a moot point.

Even if your assumption is correct, it’s pointless.

If your argument is because of the nameplate, or because of the starting zone experience, then, once again, if we’re going by in game experiences you CAN have, you can be a Void Elf Holy Priest. So, once again, moot point.

You’ve got two ways to fail the debate here. Take your pick.


I kinda lost track of the actual request but why does the Void Elves need to be Paladins besides a few use it in the lore and in Cataclysm? Do the Horde elf-players want to switch over to the Alliance?

People who want to play High Elves want to be able to play Paladins. Because of WoW lore and history.

Rulen Lightsreap - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft (fandom.com)

Silver Hand Shieldbearer - NPC - World of Warcraft (wowhead.com)

There are multiple examples of High Elf Paladins.

People who want to play a spook’dorei (Void Elf) usually either don’t want Paladins or want a Void Paladin. Which is fine, for Glyphs.

but High Elf players want a normal, Light style Paladin.

The arguments against High Elf Paladins is 1: That you’re a Void Elf. You can’t change Entropic Embrace, you have to start in Telogrus Rift, You can’t change your name plate.

But that argument falls apart because if you’re arguing that the in game experience is concrete and what you see in the game is the way things are, then you can play a Void Elf Holy Priest. So… argument over. Done. Void Elf Paladins are fine.

And if you think you’re playing a High Elf, despite entropic embrace popping, the name plate not saying “Elf” like it should and starting in Telogrus Rift, and you’re accepting the Art Directors comments that you can play the character you want, then you’re also fine.

And Ion says it’s fine and being looked at. So… we’re just asking Blizzard to do it.

Got all our bases covered.


Priests have always been a contentious point because they sit between two diverging forces, and one of their story points to justify Forsaken Priests is how you use both elements to achieve some sort of balance, but that philosophy was formed by adding in lore with the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow. But keep in mind that the Church of the Holy Light also exists and is followed by multiple Alliance races including High Elves and, but excluding Void Elves.

So I’m not opposed to the possibility of Void Elf Paladins, but I would like there to be a storyline and reasoning to explain why it exists in the context of the Void Elf storyline. Cause imagine something like opening up Night Elf Warlocks, and not even trying to justify why it exists. Like sure, there’s nothing stopping a Night Elf from wanting to learn more about demons given they can already be Demon Hunters (although that has a whole set of lore to back it up), and in actuality, there’s nothing stopping anyone from any race to study to be a certain class, but what within Night Elf society would shift to make such a thing possible? That’s the key point.

Because one method adds lore, and the possibility of setting up an interesting faction and future plot points, or even the possibility of class skins, while the former is just a form of appeasement and I’d rather Blizz just give actual High Elves instead of muddying the Void Elf identity if it has to come to that.

There are High Elf and Blood Elf Paladins and Blood Elves became Void Elves.

But also keep in mind, Blood Elves were “Stealing the Light” all through burning Crusades.

Me too but that ships sailed. Void Elves are now both High Elves and Void Elves.

Would be nice if they’d change the name plate to Elf and let us toggle entropic Embrace at this point. Then just keep on keeping on.

It’s always interesting to see how much damage this Void Elf idea of theirs has caused to the Alliance-players. It’s one of the those topics which where people are so upset and so angry with the developers that they grant them step by step everything they want to.


Thank you!!! I hadn’t even thought about that but you’re right! The nerve of some of these folk lol!


Plus High Elves (and for the purpose of this discussion, I’m talking about High Elves led by Vereesa) are still active as recent as BfA. They are involved in the Battle for Stromgarde and Battle at the Gates of Orgrimmar. So I agree that this isn’t something unreasonable to ask for.

But there’s a couple of things I would like to see:

1). Blizz needs to help us understand what is the current relationship between High Elves and Void Elves. Are they inter-mingling? Are they weary of each other? This would help people to understand to what degree their High Elf version of Void Elf works within the lore.

2). What is their stance on why a percentage of High Elves are still actively part of the Alliance, but not fully incorporated as a playable race? In a way this can be pretty cruel to High Elf fans, and not having certainty in this is why this issue has been going on for years.

3). Also how are they going to develop Void Elves even with the inclusion of High Elves? This is strongly linked to 1 as well, because if they choose to see both races as 1, then it needs to be given the proper art style, aesthetic, tabards, mounts, etc… that can satisfy both groups like how they did with Bronzebeard and Wildhammer clans, whereby even though they are ‘1 race’ we know how distinct they are and how it doesn’t actually take away from each other.


I could go for a whole expansion that is like, “What are the Blood Elves doing after 15 years? What are the High Elves doing after 15 years? What are the humans doing after 15 years?”

Just throw down some bronze dragons and update Azeroth.

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I hope they focus equally and just as much on Dark Iron Dwarves, Wildhammer Dwarves, Draenei, Orcs, Tauren, Goblins, Forsaken, and gnomes as they do on Elves and Humans.

I hope Blizzard remembers this is World of Warcraft. Not “Elf & Humans of Warcraft”.