“Incompatible” on all my beta servers

I have tried everything. Repair/scan. Uninstalling. Ever since the latest update tonight I can’t get into beta. Is this just me?


It is not just you.

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I have the same issue as well today. Uninstalled the launcher, the game and deleted all addons as well as cache.
I was able to login in Bfa just fine with no issues.

Its the same for me after the patch earlier this evening… Figure the odds.

Same for me as well. This is something I have never seen before.

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What should I do while I wait? I can’t believe how tragic this is. I totally wanted to heal some dungeons!

I am also having this issue… yay!

Yeah…same exact issue…ill try and restart the comp but I am not sure it will help.

We have to wait for the server technicians to push the update, nothing we can do until then.

I wanted to finally finish Ardenweald lol.


This is happening to me as well

Same issue

:disappointed_relieved: glad it’s not just me.

Same, so I guess we just have to wait.

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:\ i have no life what should i do while i wait :\

Classic, obviously.

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There is perhaps nothing I want do less than classic. I do however, respect the people that enjoy it! If I hadn’t spent my life there in High School I’d probably want to see it. I think live WoW is a lot more easy to play piecemeal.


Sorry about that. 36037 should now allow logins (and if you were running the old build, it’s safe to log out, update, and log back in).

Apologies for the inconvenience. Have a good weekend!


Thank you Blizzard gang for coming in late to fix this!