“A Wolf in Wolves Clothing”: Johnnybiceps Fan Fiction Chapter 5 “Anna Dis-covered”

The party dismounted at Morgan’s Vigil.

“Yep, Anna was here” flight master Stoutarm said as he looked westward toward Blackrock Mountain; “Left this morning, headed that way” he gestured with his chin, “She asked about mithril.”

“Great” Fidesa replied, “We’ll catch up with her.”

The party mounted and headed west.

Not far from Blackrock Mountain, below a small outcropping the party spotted an abandoned mechanostrider. As they approached, they could see at the foot of the mechanostrider something - a black mass, a figure, a small body, Anna. “Anna” Fidesa said to herself, “ANNA!” she shouted as she sped ahead. “ANNA!” she yelled as she rode; a swirl of magic engulfed her body.


Sheeped off her mount she bleated “BaaaaaaAAAAAAA” and again “BAAAAA!” Missin stayed with the bleating sheep. Shin and Dale rode ahead, dug a hole in the loose hot soil of the Burning Steppes and together moved Anna’s small body placing it inside.

“BAAAAAA!” Fidessa bleated, Missin standing beside her. Just as the magic began to dissipate…


Sheeped again “BAaaaaaa” Fidesa bleated, “Baaaaaa.”

Shin returned to Anna’s mechanostrider and scooped something off the ground, held it gently in his two small hands, carried it to the hole and deposited it near Anna’s head.

“Baaaaaa” Fidesa bleated.

Shin and Dale covered Anna’s body with the hot earth. Legolas knelt nearby, soberly petting Una, keeping watch for Johnnybiceps.

Fisdesa metamorphosed back into her gnome body and screamed a blood chilling “NOOOOOO!! ANNA!! NOOO!!” Her knees went out from under her as she stumbled forward. On her knees she wept uncontrollably, her body heaving and convulsing, convulsing and heaving as she wept.

Missin knelt next to her, her arm over Fidesa’s shoulder comforting her. Shin and Dale came and knelt beside, hung their heads and placed their hands on Fidesa’s back as she wept.

Anna, gone forever, dead, a sister lost to the world. The party mourned.

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