“A Wolf in Wolves Clothing”: Grobbulus Fan Fiction Chapter 8 “To Stormwind"

“Thrall…Thrall….honey, wake up,” Raymond said.

“Yeah?” Thrall said.

“Steven didn’t come home last night,” Raymond said.

“Oh, he’s probably ganking in Stormwind, he’ll be back,” Thrall said and rested his eyes.

“But Thrall, today is Steven’s birthday; we have a brunch date in 30 minutes,” Raymond said.

Thrall rolled out of bed, put his slippers on.

“He never came home from the Burning Steppes last night?” Thrall asked.

“No,” Raymond responded, “He said he would be home when he left.”

“Let’s wait,” Thrall said.

Two hours rolled by; it was 12pm server time, well past brunch. They paced about the house. Jax and Raymond and Thrall took turns glancing out the window.

“What should we do?” Jax asked.

“Go to the Burning Steppes; see if we can find him,” Thrall said.

Off they went, from Orgrimmar to Ratchet and then to Booty Bay, from there to the Burning Steppes.

Mounted, heading west towards Blackrock Mountain, they began to search.

Below the ramp they found Steven’s brutalized body, the corpse of a Night Elf hunter decaying nearby.

Thrall dismounted and slowly walked over. Collapsed and began to cry in his hands.

Before him Steven lay dead. On the ground, not far from Steven’s body, Jax found a crumpled, blood stained card. He uncrumpled the card, smoothed it on his thigh, folded it and put it in his pocket.

Thrall and Raymond dug a grave and moved Steven’s body and carefully buried it. Then they stood around, heads hung low and mounted the death of their beloved.

After some time passed Thrall looked up and said one word: “Stormwind.”

Stay tuned for Chapter 9 “Taurenpunter” to be released August 1st, 9am!

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