“A Wolf in Wolves Clothing”: Grobbulus Fan Fiction Chapter 7 “To Orgrimmar"

Kneeling next to Steven’s body, Fidesa unfolded the card and began to read:

To Steven

Though undead, my love

for you is alive.

My sweet Steven,

Accept this gift:

Token of my love,

A small recompense,

For the joy, the light

The kindness, the tenderness,

To me you give everyday

We are together.

I love you Steven.

The card was signed, “With passion, Thrall.”

Fidesa crumpled the card and tossed it aside. She collected the two daggers from Steven’s dead-er hands and placed them in her knapsack.

“What was on the card?” Shin asked.

“Trash. Just garbage from garbage to garbage” Fidesa replied.

“Is this the guy who killed Anna?” Dale asked, poking the body with his [Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood]. “No” Fidesa replied, “No rogue hits that hard. That was an arms warrior.”

“Where to now?” Missin asked as she looted Steven’s corpse: she collected 2 silver, 32 copper and did not distribute it equally among her party members.

“Let’s patrol the Burning Steppes, see if Thrall is near, then, to Orgrimmar.”

“WHAT!?” Legolas said, “Impossible. Orgrimmar is impenetrable.”

“Not so” said Shin, “I’ve been there.”

“When? How?” Legolas asked.

“Years ago” Shin said, “I’d rather not talk about it, but it is possible, I’ve done it.”

“If we are going to put an end to this, we have to kill Thrall and if Thrall isn’t here, he is in Orgrimmar” Fidesa said.

The party mounted and began to circle the Burning Steppes on occasion stopping to collect some [[Golden Sansam] or some [[Thorium Ore].

The party came upon a lone Troll hunter engaged in combat with a Black Broodling. The party rode past him.

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