“A Wolf in Wolves Clothing”: Grobbulus Fan Fiction Chapter 6 “The Domestic Life of the Villain (Part II)”

“Here Steven, for you” Thrall handed over a white box wrapped with a red ribbon. “For me? Thrall, come on, you are too kind, too too kind” Steven said accepting the box with his withered, delicate hands. Raymond and Jax sat nearby smiling.

Steven, Raymond, and Jax always appreciated Thrall’s generosity. There was no jealousy; Thrall saw to that.

Steven sat down. He placed the white box on his lap and slowly, indeed neatly, untied the red bow. He carefully took the cover off and set it aside. He removed a card from the box and slowly read it to himself, smiling with his thin lips. He folded the card and tucked it in his shirt pocket. There, beneath the card, wrapped in tissue paper were two daggers, each with mithril inlaid handles.

“Thrall” Steven said looking up “how could…how did you…a [Coldrage Dagger] and a [Darrowspike], how did you know? And, Thrall, these are soulbound, how?”

Thrall, brimming with pride, “I had help with the soulbind and I had the handles inlaid with mithril myself. I’m just glad you like them Steven.”

Steven placed the box aside, stood up and threw his arms around Thrall’s neck. Thrall hugged him back, “You know I love you Steven.” “I know” Steven replied, “I love you too.” Raymond wiped a tear from his eye as he watched the scene.

“Let’s head to the Burning Steppes today, try these daggers out? What do you say?” Steven said. “I can’t,” Thrall replied, “I promised Raymond and Jax we’d have dinner together. Maybe tomorrow afternoon.”

It was getting late.

“Well, I’m heading out,” Steven said, “I’ve got to test these daggers.”

“Be safe,” Thrall replied, “Tomorrow is your birthday and we have a brunch date.”

Steven laughed, “Miss brunch, never, besides, safe in the Burning Steppes, is there anything left to kill?” Thrall laughed, Raymond laughed, Steven smiled and Jax patted Oren who was lounging on the windowsill.

Steven dismounted his skeletal horse east of Blackrock Mountain. There, not far from the ramp, was a lone Night Elf hunter, staring off into space. Steven went stealth. He crept up on the hunter: no flares, no pet, easy kill.

Kidney shot! The Night Elf doubled over. Stab. Stab. Stab. Stab. Gouge. Stab. The Night Elf fell dead.

Easy kill.

Steven searched the corpse.

In the distance, to the west, five mounted figures emerged out of the hot dust of the Burning Steppes. Vanish! Steven went stealth. Legolas dismounted; fired a flare. Exposed, Steven stood marked.

Steve began to sprint. INTERCEPT! Hamstring! Fidesa now in melee range began to hack. “You mother&^%$ing rogue, you son of a *&^%$” She said to Steven, her sword swinging. Arrows began flying.

AIMED SHOT. An arrow lodged in Steven’s temple.

FROST NOVA. Missin locked him in place.

Fidesa brought her sword back and let it fall on Steven’s shoulder cutting through his leather covered torso. He fell dead at her feet, daggers slipped from his hands; the mithril handles inlaid with love now smeared with blood and dust and hate.

Fidesa knelt beside Steven’s body: she went through his equipment, from his shirt pocket she pulled out a folded bloodstained card.

*Note to readers: If you’ve read this far, I love you. No one, I believe, reads anything, ever, at all (certainly not fan fiction of any kind whatsoever). So, thank you. I decided to change the name of the main character from Johnnybiceps to Thrall. Apparently, the person who plays/ed the character Johnnybiceps is genuinely, deeply hated by other human beings, is no longer is on Grobbulus, and using his character in my little story was becoming an unwanted distraction. So, I changed the main character to Thall (not an easy decision mind you, I REALLY loved using Johnnybiceps and no one cares about Thrall), and while Thrall may not have been a violent and sensitive polyamorus homosexual in mainstream World of Warcraft lore, he is in my fan fiction.

Honestly, I would prefer to use Grobbulus characters in this story, but I know almost no Horde or even Alliance characters for that matter. Alliance side I know a lecherous gnome Glear (?) I think his name is, he is in Stormwind alot. Other than Johnnybiceps I’ve heard of only one other Horde character, an undead rogue called Eddie (?): everybody seems to love Eddie, but does Eddie love himself?

Stay tuned for Chapter 7 “To Orgrimmar” to be released July 25th, 9am!

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