<Ðark Moon Templars> New Refugees from Whitemane Looking for More

<Ðark Moon Templars> 8/8 BWL 10/10 MC 1/1 Ony | NA-PvP Smolderweb | Alliance

We have a solid core raid team capable of clearing BWL and MC in a single 3 hour raid Tuesdays. We run one tight raid team with a casual raid schedule and will be hosting off night MC and Onyxia runs for Mains/Alts/Friends. We are veteran hardcore raiders who grew up, had kids, but still want to kill dragons. If you want to progress through all content Classic has to offer but don’t have time to commit 4+ nights a week, this is the guild for you. We are looking to integrate ourselves into Smolderweb’s community of Guilds as recent refugees from the Queue Boss known as Whitemane.

Raid Schedule: 2 Nights/Week
Tuesdays 6pm-9pm ST - Blackwing Lair/MC
Sunday 6pm-9pm ST Ony/Alt MC raids/ZG
ZG will also be informally run throughout the week so long as there is interest.

Loot: DKP loot System using Monolith DKP Addon. We transitioned to DKP with the start of BWL. This is a fun “open bidding” system where the entire raid has the option to watch bids in progress which ends up becoming something of a spectator sport in Discord while loot is going out.

About Us: Ðark Moon Templars was founded in Vanilla on US-Crushridge. We raided with a semi-hardcore attitude from Vanilla through Cataclysm. Our motto has and always will be efficiency: we will get content cleared in fewer nights so that we may still be active adults outside of the video game. Many of our original members and officers are back for Classic and we are looking for some new members to help us fill out our raid team. We are a mature Adult Guild with most members in their mid 20s to mid 30s. We will consider 18+ Players only. While primarily PvE focused, we have a few rankers among us. We’re a fun bunch, we get things done, and we enjoy ourselves while we do it. At the same time, we’re very capable players that show up with the “Get er’ Done” mentality.

-Know your class inside and out
-Know the fights before stepping foot in the instance
-Brings your own potions/elixirs/food (general consumables)
-Be ready to pull at 6pm server
-Most importantly, we only require the guild to raid 6 hours or less a week, be respectful of each other’s time; we want to see everything die.

Recruitment Needs: We are actively recruiting 2-3 Rogues for core DPS positions. An additional Holy Paladin would perfectly round out the healing roster. Positions mentioned as medium have a showing for their class but we could and would take more skilled and talented players.
Druid: Low (Resto)
Hunter: High
Mage: Medium
Paladin: High (Holy)
Priest: Medium (Holy)
Rogue: High
Warlock: Medium
Warrior: Medium

Please message either Trihugger (or any character in the guild with a prefix of “Tri”) or Sylval in the game or Trihugger Tiggz#7441 or Sylval#2280 in Discord for more information or any questions you might have.

Welcome to the server