<Âscension> Area-52 9/9N ATDH 4/9H ATDH | Tues/Thurs | Need 3 | HDH/Aug or Dev Evo/Mage/Ele sham/Mage

Guild & Server : <Âscension> Area-52
Raid Times/Days : Tuesdays/Thursdays | 8pm - 10:30 PM EST (Server Time)
Current Progression : 9/9N 4/9H ATDH
Recruitment Contacts : @Raemyn - Area 52 [H] or Raemynn (discord)
Raid Role Needs : Ranged DPS

We have 3 open spots as of now. In need of melee and Ranged DPS.

Bonus points for any of the following classes: Mage/Ele Sham/Hav DH/Boomkin/AUG Evoker/DEV Evoker :slight_smile:

**Add me on Discord, we have those spots open for tonight :slight_smile: **

Discord: Raemynn

3 roster spots open!

You got’em? We want’em! :slight_smile:

Mage/Ele Sham/Hav DH/Boomkin/AUG Evoker/DEV Evoker :slight_smile:

3 roster spots open!

Melee DPS - Need 1 melee, bonus points for WW Monk/Havoc DH/DK :slight_smile:
Ranged DPS - Need 2 ranged, bonus point for Mage/Elemental Sham/Aug Evoker/Dev Evoker/Boomkin :slight_smile:

Bonus Points for Aug Evoker/Dev Evoker/Havoc DH/Boomkin/WW Monk/Ele Shaman!

Message me on discord: Raemynn