Rated PvP Temporarily Closed to Cross-faction Groups

Need to update: After rounds of conversation, the customer support finally agreed to refund me this order as a one-time courtesy. So I’m good for now. Waiting for them to fix the cross faction pvp.

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Would love to know if it’ll be fixed tomorrow with maintenance :thinking:


@Maizou its great to see such passion about Blizzards refund policy, Do you think maybe you could show the same level of passion representing the community’s interests with regard to this cross faction fiasco? Tell me, what exactly has or will the community council do in that regard? I think we all realize its the root problem here. But for this failure - there would be no request for refund.

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Are there any updates on if this is fixed yet?

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The server has been active for hours and there is still no notice or communication about the pvp rated cross factions, it seems to me an insult that they do not announce anything.

UPDATE 9:40 a.m. PDT June 7

We were able to implement fixes during maintenance, and our subsequent testing has looked good, so we’re going to tentatively enable cross-faction rated PvP queues for every realm in this region.

You should see that become available in the next few minutes, and we’ll be monitoring it very closely.


Thanks for the update

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cool thanks



its still not working for me, first cross faction game qued and everyone disconnected…

The arena bug still exists. There are some games someone in my team does not appear on the friendly raid frame.

It starts with a phasing issue in the gate. Once gate opens we can all see each other but the bugged player doesn’t show on raid frame.

some form of this bug still exists. just played a cross faction game with 2 horde 1 ally, 1 ally and 1 horde could see each other the other horde was phased… then after combat started our 2nd horde showed up, but as like a third party according to our UI. not sure if the other team could target him or whatever :slight_smile:

edit: seems to happen 1 of 5 games or so… but it doesn’t seem to be any issue but a visual bug, as they can still see him. However it does break @party1,@party2 etc macros.

In case you guys aren’t aware. https://twitter.com/stergey/status/1534297433609363456?s=21&t=H2El6qVF10W17QwCzO1L-g I think Venruki ran into some issue on his stream too this morning. So better keep working on it…

That’s more than a visual bug if it breaks targeting…

Looks like it’s still not safe to Faction Change to Alliance, folks

Had several arenas today that is “zoning out” 1 or 2 party members so that all 3 cannot be targeted via party frames. Once the gates open you can see all members - however abilities that provide stealth/detargeting make it to where healers cannot target those players that were “zoned out” in arena prep area.

8/6/22 Still having an issue with cross faction RBG.
as a 9/10 ally group we took an Orc shaman to our group. Zoned into Eye of the storm and the shaman never appeared on raid frames.
Orc shaman was unhealable by friendly units

Still broken, tried it on my priest yesterday. Couldnt target my cross faction party members until the game started but feign death drops targeting, and they disappear when stealth, etc

Any news? Having friends stranded on the opposite faction unable to pvp without gamebreaking bugs for the 2nd week now is really pushing them away from the game.

They’re NOT monitoring. Forum responses and a butt load of Twitter @'s… See you all in 6 months!

With all due respect, your brother is not a good programmer. Having an “awe shucks” attitude when coding errors is not the attitude a real programmer has. Stop making excuses for mistakes.

It seems people are still experiencing bugs similar to what we’ve been seeing since the release of 9.2.5.

Will Cross Faction PvP be disabled again? When will these bugs be fixed, precisely?

Please advise. Thanks in advance.