Pristine | (A) [Proudmoore] | FRI/SAT | Recruiting now & for DF!

Pristine a newly formed Social Mythic+ guild looking to bolster our current roster and recruit like-minded individuals for Season 1 of Dragonflight.

We welcome all classes and players, veterans and returning players alike that are interested in a social mythic + environment. We are always looking for talented flexible players to run content with, or mythic + with. We also have very knowledgeable leads to guide you along the way.

If you’re interested in a positive community, where the social aspect drives the guild then look no further! We hold a weekly guild lottery, legacy transmog runs and community events for everyone to sign up for.


I have been with this guild for a bit now and they are some of the best people to hang around! I wasn’t going to be a part of another guild after many disappointments but I joined this one and have enjoyed it since the start! If you’re looking for an actual chill guild that is cool with you just doing you in the game, then come join in on the fun and enjoy the company!


Looking for more chill people to run keys and get the slime cats!

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Bump because this guild is AWESOME! :smiley:

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Hello I am new player looking for a guild and your guild sounds like a great fit for me. I was wondering if I was to start a new character on the server would you guys be okay with me joining or should I level up some first?

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You are more than welcome to join on a brand new character!

Awesome to hear! I just rolled a druid on Proudmoore. His name is Sodaz.

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Still actively recruiting :slight_smile:

We are still looking for awesome like minded folk to join our ranks.
We are small but we are mighty! Everyone is welcome to join us.

Still looking for players to enjoy the game with! :slight_smile:

Aw, you guys fit everything I was looking for in a guild except for the time (an hour too early for me). I wish you the best!

Hi I am just coming back to the game after a long break. I am interested in joining on a fresh WW/BM monk if you guys are open to fresh characters.

We’d be happy to have you!

This looks like the type of guild I am interested in, and has good hours, so I’d like to chat a bit further. I’ve returned to WoW during Zereth Mortis after 15 years, and my day 1 server isn’t really working for me anymore and I would like to transfer to a more active server. I have a full time job, but am looking to looking to play WoW on nights and weekends and am looking for a guild that runs mythics and raids, but is open to other activities, in Dragonflight. In the past I raided as a healer, so have a few options like priest, shaman, paladin.

I’ll try to find Sparkles this weekend, but will leave my btag
Bnet: Sidereal#1100

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If you’re interested, we’re always flexible to add people mid raid! It’s not a huge deal to us if you show up late! :slight_smile:

I sent you a friend request and message via bnet :slight_smile:

We are still accepting new players!

We are hoping to round out some classes we are missing. Currently looking to add a couple rogues, mages, warlocks, shamans, demon hunters, and monks.
We are hoping to find at least one more tank!

We have now cleared all of the Normal Fated raids with our freshly made guild!

Best new social raiding guild on Proudmoore!

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We are still looking for awesome like minded folks!