New talent trees

Ysera Gift should be in the spec tree with all other incrase and be accessed to all spec like it already is and tune to 2 point.

Also is it normal that Deep root in the resto tree only incrase by 2% the healing on reji and Tranquility for 2 point. Cause its really weak.

Also can we get Nature dmg back on the Elune talent for guatdian. Like it was in Legion and not just from arcane.

Would be also cool if Sunfire would be allowed to be used in any form now since its in the spec tree. Could give a good little cleave to Feral and Guardian


I usually dont pick that one cause its looking Meh XD

I think Deep Roots scales up for more healing based on the health of the target. I don’t really know though.

The Elune talent does arcane damage now because its tied into other Guardian talents by doing arcane damage reduces the damage you take or something like that.

One side of the Guardian tree is like arcane bear the other is physical maul bear.

Yeah but last week it was still doing both like it should in my opinion. Cause it does a good synergy with bramble and Rage of the sleeper. But if its reduced to only arcane its getting a little bit weak

Fair enough

Feral Druid talent feedback:
In regards to the general class talent tree:
FUROR, this is just not good enough as a capstone talent. There are a few things that could be done to make it exciting to take, I know others have posted similar ideas/feedback but just to add my own 2 cents…
Allow it to remove the GCD from entering a form you have not been in so you can instantly use abilities. Give some pay off to actually using shifting between forms as a playstyle choice, I know that is difficult because the other capstones are Heart of the Wild/Nature’s Vigil that only provide an offrole bonus, but it definitely needs something more than what it is.

CYCLONE, this ability is too heavy of an investment from a feral perspective, to force one to essentially take the “resto affinity” or “balance affinity” path and then also take x3 points in Nurturing instinct seems really harsh. This spell has been very core to the spec in regards to pvp especially, it does not feel good to be forced to invest 6 offrole points in order to access it at all. If it is not going to be baseline for Druid, I think moving Cyclone to a more fair position in the tree would at least be a fair compromise.

In regards to the Feral spec-specific talent tree:
Tiger’s Fury should not need 4 talent points to make it restore 50 energy as it does at lvl 60 on live now. If a branch off from Tiger’s Fury is desired, maybe have it be Jungle Fury, azerite armor trait from BFA that made Tiger’s Fury give bonus crit rating as part of the use effect.

The max energy increase talent seems pretty off putting as a 3point talent with no other effect, why not just put this back into Moment of Clarity and move it as an optional talent node under Omen of Clarity.

The Shred talents that enhance it’s effect while stealthed should be 1 talent.

Predator’s Swiftness and Survival Instincts would be better much earlier in the tree.

Infected Wounds should really be much earlier in the talents AND increased to ~40% slow and also apply from Thrash. This gives feral access to a decent AoE snare unique to the spec.

SAVAGE ROAR, finishing move that increases damage by 15% and energy regeneration by 10% while in Cat Form, lasts longer per combo point… I think having an optional choice node off this talent would inspire more people to use it again, I was thinking something along the lines of the glyphs that Feral had access to in the MoP/WoD era as potential choice node with new names I made up as examples:
*Shirvallah’s Savagery- Savage Roar is now usable with 0 combo points for a 12 second duration, usable while in prowl.
*Kimbul’s Fury- Dealing damage with rake or shred while prowling activites Savage Roar for X seconds (this effect can have an X second cooldown if needed for tuning purposes).

BERSERK, I think Berserk should be combined back into one cooldown talent and not split into Relentlessness/Jungle Stalker, I know others have said this repeatedly in feedback posts but I just wanted to reinforce. If the “build-a-berserk” design idea is what you want to go for, then definately put in something like the Sickle of the Lion 4pc bonus from patch 9.2.
Sudden Ambush, this talent is a weak SL potency conduit that is not very appealing, perhaps it can be replaced with something like Bloodmist, azerite armor trait from BFA: your rake damage ticks have a chance to activate Berserk for 4 seconds. THEN, you can put in Sickle of the Lion as a Berserk enhancement off that in the tree (you can even say Sickle of the Lion procs from Bloodmist apply at X% less effectiveness or whatever numbers tuning makes sense to avoid it being over the top).

Incarnation, increasing the duration of Berserk effects and giving 20% energy cost reduction is just weak, especially if it is going to be a choice node with Convoke. Incarn should definitely do more, maybe have it empower other abilities other than just Rake/Shred or add a damage modifier in general, just SOMETHING else.

These are just a few changes that could be included which would, as someone who has played Feral Druid on and off for years, breathe some cool synergies into the talents and in my opinion would make people feel more inspired with choosing feral talents.


So …either druid is left to be a hot pile of compost…or a major rework is being done.

Would be nice if they could make druid feel like a finished product this expac.


It’s sad that the druid (and other classes) have almost little or low response from the developers and the hunter literally… they release changes every 1 week at least… I don’t know what to think of Blizzard now ._. (and that he originally had faith and hope that’s why he was impartial and sometimes defended Blizzard to a certain extent)

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I really doubt they have seen this feedback?
None of the recent changes are druid related at all


Take a chill pill and go do something better with your time, the whole ‘losing faith’ and doom attitude is cringe. It’s still extremely early in the friends & family stage and they’re gradually rolling other classes out and making iterations.

You have my permission to complain so excessively if its the same in 1-2 months from now.

Also btw they have made some changes to Guardian/Resto and will be more to come.

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Well basically I express my discontent with the few comments to various classes, not only to the druid and those “changes” that you mention because if they have been made, some have given them like a glove (half), but others have not fitted correctly or at least they haven’t fixed anything yet regarding the feedback provided by classes like Spriest, Feral Druid, Boomy, Guardian Druid, DK, etc. On the other hand, the Hunter has had more responses/comments along with a large number of changes in less time (Note: I do not count the Evoker because it is a new class) and the other classes have had changes such as the Rogue and I think I remember that Shaman too but they have been few while the aforementioned Hunter has had many and that his talent tree came out later than the others (I will assume that it came out very bad and it is still bad to have so many adjustments/changes).

Well, it is my only complaint that I have had that it is only the subject of answers or changes to other classes, since I enter the forum and find countless comments in the normal forums of Priest, DK, Rogue, Druid, etc. Like those of DF and it is worth mentioning that I am not saying that the Hunter does not have comments or feedback but it seems a bit frustrating to me to see that this is the only one that has had more constant changes (since his talent tree came out of course).

As I mentioned, they did make changes but some… like some things still need to be fine-tuned… but they’ve already had a lot of feedback on it for a long time (not forgetting the other specs). The only good thing is that thanks to many adjustments they managed to make the base druid tree better than it was before.

Hunters getting changes should be seen as a good example of how they are listening and making iterations on trees. It shouldn’t be seen as favouritism or in a jealous way. There could be many reasons why Hunter is getting more blue posts, and my guess would be that’s simply how that particular designer(s) likes to work, through small and regular iteration and updates.

Furthermore – there’s still several classes without any trees released, and it could very well be those are being prioritised before any significant Druid updates (and the many other classes without significant updates). Hunter dev might not be working on any of those unreleased, whereas Druid devs might be, and I think it’s only fair and logical that they get the remaining class trees out as quickly as they can for initial feedback before making significant Druid changes. There is also a lot of feedback to go through for Druid as well, across all specs.

For all we know, Druid is getting a lot overhauled. It was the first tree afterall, and it’s a bit of a complex one, especially compared to Hunter, given it’s the only class with 4 specs, all of which being very different roles.

A good example of why the above might be true is because the Rogue (and Shaman) tree are the best so far, they are more or less ‘complete’ and well received, and therefore, they saw some minor rearrangements and tuning this past week, because they are close to what the final trees will be. If Druid is seeing significant rework, you’re not going to see minor adjustments to the current trees.

Naturally, the first trees released would have more cracks in them than the later ones, and frankly, we are fortunate we got to go first and have time to provide so much feedback.

Feel free to quote this next statement and say I told you so in a few months if it turns out wrong: but I genuinely think people who think there’s going to be no significant changes are morons.

Additionally, why rush them? It will be updated when its ready, I see no point in crying for blue posts whereby they feel obliged to rush something out, then either collect pointless data (in the form of feedback) on something that isn’t complete. Similarly, I’m sure they don’t want to put a half baked update out only for everyone to start crying even more. In fact, if the next Druid update is underwhelming, that would only be more troubling and cause for concern.

It is early alpha, chin up, we’re all gonna make it.

(Happy for you to say I told you so if I end up wrong).

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Well, it is true, it must be admitted that the hunters are receiving changes thanks to the fact that they are listening to the community.

But it is more than all concern that even if it doesn’t seem like it or well according to what I read “DF/Dragonflight will be out before December 31” in case that statement is not respected (which if they don’t, for me there is no problem, I I would even be happy because it would give them more time to address some issues and polish if possible some things in the story that they are developing for the release of DF). And in case they respect the date… well, they will have to try to give some other change or at least a statement from someone in charge of Blizzard (About some change soon) so that at least we are not left with the intrigue (another thing that if I remember reading is that they have worked before so I hope that they only lack the structuring of the class trees).

And, you’re right the Shaman and Rogue tree (at least with my basic knowledge of shaman) they look amazing even though of course they lacked some adjustments (which they are doing) but at least they don’t have as many problems as the others already revealed. But if you think about it, if they add some other change (as they do with the Hunter) they could receive more feedback and see if they have found the problem or not (because in that case after so many comments from the players give a small amount of changes… that can be a bit daunting but we’ll see).

What scares me the most as a player… (and I know it’s out of place with the topic) is that DF is a failure (but so far it’s going well in terms of Lore, the new race/class and others but they have had problems with the content and balance of classes) since if they go 3 times in a row… then I may lose many subscribers (and I would hate to see a game that brought me so much joy decline = /).

PS: The classes that I do feel have been depressed (or at least a little) by the game mode that they still have, I think it would be the Spriest along with the boomys and I doubt that they will change them unless they listen to the community that no one likes to have a form of the void and mess with the current Eclipse system.

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All I’m saying is people providing feedback etc is good but crying about Hunters getting posts is cringe, and similarly the same about Druids not getting any yet or demanding they address us immediately. It’s just way too early for such desperation.

Obviously it would be nice to get a post or update - absolutely, but people really need to relax is all I’m saying and not resort to such extreme negativity quite yet.

Chill and write your feedback, not nag ‘is it done yet is it done yet, why are they ignoring us.’

From past experience, they give feedback and changes
The biggest impression is that only the talents have changed, and only the new Primal Wrath and Sabertooth have moved to the first layer of talents (Lv.15), and the mechanism of Bloodtalons has been changed.
All that’s left is the damage aura adjustment, and the ever-changing Thrash damage

In general, what about even calmly writing feedback?
It’s also a fact that they still don’t respond. They always increase the “minor” damage aura casually and then pat their butts and leave.

Always turn a blind eye to the deformed mess they have designed for so many years

Frankly speaking, what is the difference between 10.0 talent and now?
The basic problem has not changed or improved. The whole is not interesting. It is not fun. Some talent nodes are incomprehensible.

Although I know what you’re trying to say, it’s hard for me to calm my anger over their past behavior


Make the heart of the wild node a choice between 5 min 45s and oath legendary 10s after shifting on a 1 min cd

I feel like the 10sec of heart via shifting on a 1 minute CD (oath of the elder druid legendary) is much more interesting and useful in most situations. As far as uptime, that’d net you an extra 5 seconds of heart if played perfectly, but isn’t the point of more active management to be rewarded?
Granted, you might want to shift into bear defensively but have your heart for casting heals. Well hey, tradeoffs and decision making right? Even more reason to put it in as a choice node.

It gives players an opportunity to shine while still providing a press-and-forget option for those that don’t care about managing a bunch of timers and lining them up with specific mechanics.


I agree with you, I think it would be more interesting if this talent you mention was put instead of “Well-honed instincts” and this other one was put in another more accessible place. Or they could also replace Stampending Roar rank 2 and put this one. Or something much better… give us the base Soothe (because it’s a base spell of all druid forms) and put the oath legendary in its place. There are thousands of possibilities or ways to improve the base class and specs tree, but I hope you will also take into account some comments from this forum (that is, very different from the one from the DF)

I agree past experiences have been very frustrating, especially as a Feral druid.

All I’m saying is chill, I think its a bit early for such excessive doom.

Then again you do you, but sometimes its just good to chill out and be patient, rather than overthink all this.

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Among all… I think the feral is the one who feels the most frustrated after so much time… I mean he hasn’t had a moment to shine (except in PvP). I just hope they manage to fix it… otherwise we won’t know whether to trust Blizzard or the future of the poor feral =/

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Recommend Restoration Druid Talent Tree Changes

  • Ysera’s Gift

Recommend changes: Reduce talent point cost from 3 to 2.

The talent point reduction to Ysera’s will cause an imbalance in this teir of the tree. This teir of the tree could nearly be maxed out, just by spending the required amount of points necessary to progress down the tree. By design the talent trees are supposed to force the player to choose some talents over another.

In order to maintain this design of player choice, additional talents should be added to this teir of the tree, to compensate for the lesser amount of talent points needed to fill this part of the tree.

I recommend adding another talent diagonally down from Ysera’s Gift. That talent being a Restoration version of Force of Nature. Which would summon three treants that will cast Healing Touch. Force of Nature is a fun ability, although typically a Balance spell, its very fitting for the Resto Druid spec fantasy of summoning and using nature & plants to heal.

  • Convoke The Spirits

Recommend Changes: Remove & Replace

This spell is not inline with the Druid class fantasy or restoration specialization fantasy. Druids do not convoke with spirits or the dead. This is more of an ability that fits the Shaman’s class fantasy as they commune with ancestral spirits and elements to heal.

Further to that, the spell itself is not very imaginative, creative, inspired or have any synergy with existing druid spells and abilities. What the spell is, in a nut shell, is just spamming a bunch of abilities at once and being over powered. This is something I would have thought of as a seven year old, as being cool. Currently players only like this spell because its powerful and useful, not because its creative, unique, imaginative, inspired or fitting.

Therefore I think it should be removed and replaced with a new spell or ability. My recommendation is;

Living Seed
10% of your overhealing received or done plants a Living Seed on the target for up to 10% of the caster’s health. The Living Seed will bloom when the target is next attacked. Lasts 15 sec.

(This is a merger and blending of the old Wrath of the Lich King talent and the Nightfae conduit Empowered Chrysalis. It addresses some of the issues resto druids have with over healing. Often times when a Druid has a hot on a target the health bar will get topped off by another healer, resulting in the hot over healing as its ticking on a fully healed target. Since Dragonflight is going back to a more classic state of mind and wrath classic also coming out soon, it would be nice to see some of these older talents and abilities people liked being given a new purpose or a breath of new life.)

  • Adaptive Swarm

Recommend Changes: Cosmetic Alteration

Rename Adaptive Swarm to Insect Swarm, change the icon to Insect Swarm’s, the spell animation to Insect Swarm’s, and spell damage to Nature instead of Shadow, but keep the mechanics of Adaptive Swarm.

The original Insect Swarm is an iconic and original Druid ability, that should be brought back and retooled with the usefulness mechanics of Adaptive Swarm.

This way it looks less undeathly/ death knighty & less carion/ blight looking and more about nature and insects pollinating plants and flowers, as well as protecting the druid by stinging enemies. This would be more inline with the class fantasy of Druids.

Shadowlands is over we’re leaving the world of the undead behind, lets get back to core World of Warcraft and maintain the integrity of class fantasy.

  • Unbridled Swarm

I would also rename the Unbridled Swarm talent to Improved Insect Swarm, but keep the mechanics of the spell improvement the same.

  • Modual Cooldown Bonus

Recommend Changes: Add an improved version of Swiftmend to Incarnation: Tree of Life.

I recommend baking the old Prosperity talent into the talent thats supposed to improve Incarnation: Tree of Life. This would add a second charge to Swiftmend while under the effects of Incarnation.

Also this no longer improves Convoke the Spirits as it would be removed. Instead it would increase the amount of over healing Living Seed redistributes.

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