[Main Thread] World Server down (Dec 6th)

All we want to do is play our game…(without maintenance breaking it) Hopefully later in the xpac

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Area 52 is down as well. :sob:

Hey, at least they’re working on getting the shop back online…

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Be cool if this didn’t happen every reset.

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Informationally, I’m able to log into a character NOT in the dragon isles but when I log back out and try one of my DF toons, it still doesn’t work.

Just wanted to give a heads up that we are aware of this issue post maintenance and are currently investigating. There is no ETA but it is being worked on. Any updates we get will be posted here.


they just put a psa on the battle net app saying they know whats going on and they are investigating it go figure


Me too brother this calmed my nerves. We’re in this together

Thanks for the update

Hopefully it will be back up shortly. Need to get that Zenet egg. :roll_eyes:

Yes we are, just disappointed its my day off and can’t play


Did you try turning it off and back on again

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Some other zones like Bastion work for me on an alt btw. Perhaps its the new Dragonflight world servers that only are affected?

Cartridge = not blown.

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This is so silly. Why does Blizz outright refuse to invest in modern infrastructure?

what infrastructure are they using that’s old? I have no insight into such things.

Same here, Sargeras

Try logging in, finally pushed me in

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No, I get the same errors trying to log into my alts in SL in Oribus.

WRA world servers down.