[A] <Damage Incorporated> is Recruiting

Hail, and we’ll met!

Is your guild inactive; has it outright died? Are you a returning player, or maybe just a faction changer; Damage Inc. wants you.

We are a laid back group of friends who came back from a hiatus, and discovered that some of us still play. With that in mind, we are looking at getting our toons ready for the upcoming release of Dragonflight.

Our leadership is ready to support every play style in the game, whether you want to do raids, M+, PvP, or be the next greatest professional in the revamped WoW professions skill arena.

“I play weird hours though.”

Some of us do too! We got a Morning Brew group, who are sucking down their Java while clearing content. We have an evening crew who are sucking down chili dogs and doing whatever blows those weirdos hair back. We even have a guy who drinks his scotch neat, no matter the time of day.

We appreciate the hard chargers, the chilled and laid back; the (relatively) young and old(ish); the introverts, and the extroverts; and the chili dog suckers alike.

So, if ur looking for a fresh start and an active Discord, come give us a try.

Disclaimer: most of the damage incorporated is to ourselves; it’s a fetish thing.

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