Malfurion and Trollbane

(H) Active/Retired Military/First Responders (2)
Newly Transfered Guild [H] <The Third Wave> (1)
[A]<Turbulence> 3/8M Recruiting for Mythic Prog (1)
Heart of Azeroth Stamina Bug (1)
LF Guild for Mythic + (1)
Returning Player LF Guild (1)
Any guilds on these servers? (1)
[A] <Endeavor> Recruiting (2)
<A> Malfurion YUH! : Casual Community Guild : (1)
Returning Player LF Guild (2)
3/8M LF DPS w/ HEALS OS (1)
Alpha Nerds Guild Recruiting (2)
(A) <In Exile> Recruiting all roles (1)
8/8Normal, 425ilvl~ Rogue LF Raiding Guild (1)
Good bye to Anso (2)
Um is this thing on? (4)
The Ever Rising Tide Essence Bug (1)
417 Druid looking for guild (1)
410 ilvl BDK lf raiding guild (1)
Enhancement Shaman is trash (1)
[A] <Just a Flesh Wound> (1)
[A][US][Malfurion/Trollbane] <Calamity> Recruiting! (4)
(H) <Old Farts> rebuilding (6)
Tol Barad Honor nerf (1)
[A][US][Malfurion/Trollbane] <Calamity> 9/9N 6/9H recruiting healer (6)
Back Since WoTLK (1)
Late Night Luckers! (1)
Blizzcon Requirements? (1)
Horde are the real bad guys (1)
Mana pool gone (1)