In Development   Tides of Vengeance PTR Bug Report

Submitting a Bug Report (3)

Notice: When new content is added to the game and changes are made to the Blizzard UI, third party UI addons can break and cause any number of problems in game. Before you report a bug, please disable (or delete) all of…

PTR has been broken for weeks; WTH (3)
Copied failed -_- (3)
Fix the PTR or Update us (1)
Char not found and long realm list load times (13)
Is Dark Ranger's Spare Cowl toy suppose to change your gender too (2)
[-55% damage bug] Dance of Chi-ji (1)
Incompatible even after latest update (3)
Unable to install the PTR (4)
Hand of Guldan must be in facing target (1)
Raise Abomination (PvP talent) (3)
Where's the new quests? Where's the PTR content? (1)
Vision of The Gates of Hell (1)
Duskhaven Jacket/Breeches Textures (2)
Worgen's Two Forms BUG (6)
Equipment manager not saving? (1)
All realms offline -- Windows (13)
Restoration Druid w/ Balance affinity (1)
Fury Warrior - Reckless Flurry (1)
Keep Getting D/C'd at Nathanos ( 2 ) (25)
Ride the lightning not working (1)
The Eye of Elune doesn't work (5)
8.1 Horde Campaign pt2 no longer available? (1)
MacOS Graphics Glitch (Build 28616) (2)
Missing Water Around Arathi Highlands (1)
Quest: Behind Enemy Boats, bugged (1)
Brutal slash bugged (1)
Can't Disenchant Most Azerite Gear (1)
Concern regarding the meat wagon's "Running" animation (1)
Nourish Honor Talent not working (1)