In Development   Rise of Azshara PTR Bug Report

Updated: Vision of Perfection Ret Pally Bug List (2)
New Endless affliction PvP talent (1)
Typo: Heroic Warfront tooltip (2)
Rustbolt Clucker (1)
Vision of Perfection (1)
Can't log in on the PTR at all for over a week (1)
Weird Disengage Behavior (4)
Typo: Mechanocat and Rider book (1)
Harnessing the Power quest (2)
Mechagon Breadcrumb Gone ( 2 ) (22)
Crash when attempting to discard azerite gear (3)
Quest bug: Hungry Hungry Hydras (1)
PTR Account tagging on the Account Page? (1)
Typo: Mechacycle Model W (1)
Model bug (?) : Fabious mount (1)
Ritual of Summoning Scenario (1)
Can't change lighting settings (1)
Conflict and Strife Essence Bug (1)
Tauren Paladin cast BUGGED (1)
Many NPC Voice Types Playing Annoyed Lines in Wrong Order (1)
Essences + Proving Grounds (1)
Quest "Into the Dunes" (3)
Game crashed after taking portal (3)
Model texture bug: Fathom Ray (1)
Tauren Heritage Armor Quest Missing (5)
Chairs on Boat From SW to Boralus Named After Filenames (1)
Map of Mechagon w/ Kul Tiras Misrepresents Fatigue Zone (1)
Enemy nameplates gone? (1)
Chitterspine Grotto - invisible walls (2)
May 15 patch, weird happenings (7)