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PTR Bug Report Update ( 2 ) (25)

Aloha! We’ve got an update incoming to the In-Game Bug Reporter for our Public Test Realm (PTR). We’re excited about this, because it should make it even easier for testers to get the right information to us as quickly …

Can’t get back to Mechagon (3)
Runelocked Chest (7)
Season 3 Gladiator's Proto-Drake (1)
Some NPC Annoyed Lines Bugged (1)
Lorthemar Theron's Voice Actor (12)
Transfer Aborted: Instance not found (1)
World Server Down (7)
WQ: Angry Residents (3)
NVM i fixed it (1)
[typo] quest: The Other Place (1)
Vision of Perfection Bug Found for Rogues (1)
The Tide Turns Bugged (1)
Stuck on loading screen (17)
Murloco phasing issues (1)
PTR version crashes with copied characters (MacOS ) (1)
Rogue: Nothing Personal trait fails to apply (1)
Mobs on Najatar are jacked (3)
Gnome heritage armor belt texture bug (1)
Mount Equipment (3)
Conflict and Strife Bug (1)
Updated: Vision of Perfection Ret Pally Bug List (2)
Mechagon Dungeon Bugged (1)
New Endless affliction PvP talent (1)
Typo: Heroic Warfront tooltip (2)
Rustbolt Clucker (1)
Vision of Perfection (1)
Can't log in on the PTR at all for over a week (1)
Weird Disengage Behavior (4)