Exodar and Medivh

Made a class trial character bug (1)
Mythic+ keystone downgrade, due to people (1)
History of Exodar through WOD- help update through legion and BFA (6)
[A] 370 Demon hunter (1)
<Removed> Errors (1)
Decoy Hosts Mythic Champions of the Light Horde Pug (1)
[H] (Exodar/Medivh) <Decoy> is looking for all roles for future raiding (2)
{H} couple looking for a guild (3)
Druid sounds (3)
380 Lock LF casual weekend guild (3)
(A) Looking for Guild (2)
Classic and Medivh, your memories please! (20)
Why are there no races that contain more frail men :"( (2)
Thanks for the past decade of fun <3 (1)
Mythic first boss Lf member (1)
[H] LF a raiding guild (3)
(A) Rogue LF Guild (1)
Moo-y Christmoose! (1)
Left Shark Sanctuary Recruiting for 8.1! (1)
Distinct Advantage <A> LF 2 day/w raiders (17)
Depravity Looking for Raid members (1)
Ermergerd Spurkle Mershun <A> 4/8H Needs DPS and Healers (1)
New forums this Tuesday (4)
<A>Jynxed LF healer. Tu/We/Su 8-11pm EST (2)
[A] 365 Warlock LFG (3)
[A]Disturbia Recruiting for mythic (2)
[A] Fourth Meal. 2/8 M Raiding on Tues/Weds (2)