Bleeding Hollow

<bleeding Hollow> recruiting members for mythic BoD and CoS progression (1)
💯[H] 8/9M W/TH/SUN 8:30-12 <Tabbed Out> ( 2 ) (26)
Surv/MM Hunter LF Guild (2)
[H] <A Reddit Dystopia> Multiple Raid Teams Recruiting (9)
Deleted moved to arena forums (1)
Octopals 7/9m (Tue/Thur 10pm-1am) - Recruiting one dps! (1)
Resounding Maybe (9/9H 5/9M) Late Night (7)
H - LF people (1)
[H] <Omnipotent Psychosis> 7/9m Recruiting for CE Push! (2)
[US][H][Bleeding Hollow] 2 night 6/9M wants you (4)
(H)Broken 3/9M - Recruiting You ( 2 ) (32)
412 Fury warrior LF weekend Mythic raiding guild (1)
[H] <Breaking Game Balance> 5/9M - LF DPS, R-Sham (2)
2/9M+AotC BoD and 1/ 2 Heroic CoS Seeking Heals and DPS (16)
[H] Sacred Fire Recruiting 6/9H (4)
Returning Lock LF Guild, ilvl 383 (2)
<Almost Epic> Tues/Thur 9-12 EST Recruiting for Mythic Progression (1)
[A] Looking for PVP/M raid guild healer+ranged dps (1)
Please delete (1)
LF active guild to continue raiding (3)
Raw French Fries [H] - 6/9M Recruiting (1)
Casual? Mediocre? <Ravage> LFM BoD [9/9N] [3/9H] Uldir [8/8N] [8/8H] (13)
Long standing raiding guild LFM (1)
Rinse and Repeat - Feeling the effects of BfA not keeping raiders attention? We are too - Lets chat (1)
Long standing guild (Cata) looking to add to our Roster through multiple additions for future content. H Cleared, Mythic Dabbled (2)
Holy or shadow priest lfg (1)
[H] <Casual Pro> AOTC Guild LFM for Mythic Progression (3)
AOTC 3/9M Resto Shaman & 5/9M Shadow Priest LF Guild (1)
<3 Zelpher/Chi'raq/The Speed Button (1)
411 Holy Priest LFG (3)