Alleria and Khadgar

[h] <sauce> (1/9m, 9/9h) lf mage, spriest, ww monk, warlock (1)
Looking for core raiders CORE SPOT available now for 1-2 healers! LF Priest/Pally (1)
Bhx>all best hunter in the world (2)
<Stickers> 4/9 H 1/M BDA (3)
[A] Descendants of Lore - Recruiting Active Raiders (Hybrid Classes and DPS) Saturday and Sunday 4pm-8pm CST (2)
[A] Council of Elders is Recruiting all Roles ( 2 ) (35)
[A] <Night Eternal> 8/8H 2/8M Opening Recruitment! (6)
[a]<unbridled> fri/sat late night raids - lfm! (1)
hello people of wow (14)
Looking for casual guild on Alliance (2)
5th alt LF guild (1)
<Sauce> formerly <Gravy> LFM for BFA (6)
[H] Dark Pantheon 3/8M Recruiting DPS/Tank (1)
Looking for a chill guild (1)
[A] <Warcraft> is recruiting! (1)
[H] <Lazy Peons> 7/8H, TUES/WEDS Recruiting (1)
Remnant 2/8M DPS Recruitment (3)
[A] Velocity-Alleria/Khadgar 6/9H LF DPS/HEALS (1)
[A]<Unbridled> 2/8M, FRI/SAT Nights, Recruiting for Mythic Progression (1)
<Origin>(Horde)8/8H 1/8M is Now Recruiting! (3)
[A] <Lunar Chaos> Fri/Sat Late Night Raiding (5)
<Unbridled> Fri/Sat Nights - LF Raiders! (1)