Aegwynn, Bonechewer, Daggerspine, Gurubashi, and H

<Witchcraft> developing raid team (1)
<Witchcraft> Developing raid team (1)
Assassin's Guild (1)
(A) Guild (Quartz) forming! Progress into endgame raiding together! (1)
[H] <VQ> LFM DPS & Heals for permanent core (1)
LF Horde Side Casual guild (1)
[H] <Sirius> 8/8M Cutting Edge - Recruiting for BoD 9/9H 2/9M - Thursday/Sunday 6-9PM PST (6)
[H] Wicked Minded Killers - Raids/PvP/M+ (1)
[H] Advance and Vanquish (4/9H) - [Tuesday/Wednesday 8-11PM CST] (2)
<Funny if it Works> 4/9H Community Recruiting raiders (1)
[H] <UCK> Raiding, M+, and More! (5)
[H] <Maintenance> 6/9H Competitive Raiding Guild LF DPS for Battle of Dazar'alor (7)
Returning player looking for a guild (1)
(H) Area 52 AOTC Guild (1)
WTB Void-Shrouded Satchel (1)
[H] <WMK> 8/8H 2/8M - Raids/RBG/Arena/Mythic+ (3)
LF Social guild (1)
LF Social/Casual Guild (H) (4)
[A] - Group looking for Casual Social Guild that Raids (1)
EU based player LF guild - H (1)
Veridis Quo[H] Hakkar - Recruiting for 8.1 (4)
Best tank for m+ and on (1)
<H> Heavens Hell LF more members! (1)
Dont need thread anymore (1)
I'm looking for a futuristic 1h sword transmog (1)
Connected realms (8)
Ultimachievers/Gold Farming guild (1)
(A) LFG Morning Mon, Tues, wed raids (1)
[H] 2/8 Late night Guild LF DPS (1)
[h] 2/8m lfm dps (1)