Warcraft Arclight Rumble Beta Invite Contest

Yarrr I’m in charge!

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For Murklantis???.

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It’s time to skewer Mrghllghghllghg’s minions

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(I place all my Murloc pets in the front.)
I’m not afraid of you, I already rule the mightiest of you ! ! ! Mglrmglmglmgl ! ! !

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Grunty, Gurgl, Gurky, Murky, Lurky, Squirky, Terky, Murgle, mrghllghghllghg!!

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Attack the ugly one!


The more, the merrier! Aaaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle!

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mgrhlgrrlrhrg? MGHRLGRLHILRL!? RAWR!

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You’ve aggro’d the whole camp! Mrrgglrrgl!

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for the alligator gar!!! Ñam ñam

Huch, not you coming for me, be gone!

To Goldshire and beyond !!!

Crush beneath the Silver Hand!

Rumble Crumble in the Jungle!!!

Let’s show them how a Raid wipe feels!

A ilha vamos cercar
Que não é pra qualquer um
Fui escolhido pra lutar

Woooooo Piiiiiiiiiigggggg!

Hold, my flippers to the skies! I AM MURLOC!!

It’s time for the dragon

brluarklaarklaark!!! Murloooo(ok) Enter in action!