Smash That Button! Warcraft Rumble™ Enters Soft Launch

Smash That Button! Warcraft Rumble™ Enters Soft Launch

We’re spreading the joy (and chaotically good fun) to more countries as Warcraft Rumble™ enters soft launch.

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I am from Denmark, I can’t pre-register.

Works for me (Denmark).

Is there a timeline for when more countries will be included? I really want to dive into this game


SAME , realy looking forward for this game i think it is strange to enter soft launch in the countries that could play it allready for the longest time.
just hope to see the netherlands on the counrties that is next

Australia here, only pre-registration no option to download. Everywhere says it launched in Australia, fake news?

No fake news. Would report that, maybe its a bug.

Along with players in the Philippines—players in Canada, Australia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Norway can now experience this triumph of gnomish engineering.


Yet there’s no option to download, any suggestions?

Didnt you preregist? In playstore or on the website of Blizzard? Of no I would try this.


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I did, but it doesn’t have option to download only pre-register

Maybe use vpn to correct your location in this case to make the option availabe to you?