One insignifgant thing I don't like

Is that every race is utilizing kobolds.

Can each race/nation have it’s own worker unit?


But Kobolds want the shiny more!

Honestly though, could be something like an optional skin based on your faction.

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This makes sense, I find it significant now you mention it! A Warcraft strategy game without Peasants and Peons. Kobolds should be for Beasts. Each family did have their own gatherers in Warcraft, and were an essential part of the game. They did say they were trying to focus on the forgotten and lesser-known characters. It doesn’t get lesser-known and forgotten than the gatherers in Warcraft!


It doesn’t get lesser-known and forgotten than the gatherers in Warcraft!

It’s the first thing I think of when I think of Warcraft 3! Lines of Peasants and Peons, keep to gold mine.

Granted I don’t immediately think of little Wisps on an entangled gold mine or Acolytes on a haunted one. Wouldn’t mind seeing those little forgotten gatherers either.


You are free to use any leaders/troops regardless of family. You may match against someone in PVP and have no idea what their leader is until they actually summon it. Even though for experienced warcraft players it wouldn’t be complicated there is no reason to add additional learning curve for a unit that does nothing but collect gold. Players of all types should easily be able to tell that a kobold is the mining unit regardless of the other units the player is using.

This is a really fun idea and the team has discussed future cosmetic options for mining units, but for now identifying an allied or enemy kobold at a glance is key to victory!


No take candle! or shiny!


If you ever change your mind on this one I would suggest a free mining unit based on faction

Alliance: Warcraft 3 Peasant “Ready to work”
Horde: Warcraft 3 peon “zug zug”
Black dragon flight: Blackwing Technican (they are the goblins who are working on alchamey in black lair and who courpt the red dragon downstairs)
Ragnaros: Dark iron dig master (though techincally found within searing gorge the alterative would be the slaves found outside the blackrock depths instance, but i feel that is a bit dark)
Beast: Deep Borer (kinda a strech here, but other than worms I can’t think of a beast that would mine)
Undead: Acolyte (warcraft 3) or Wrathbone Laborer (Pit of saron dungeon in icecrown)

and having the choice to pay to unlock the miners from other factions to use anywhere.


I think peons and their sayings was one of my favorite things to be welcomed with, in my starting zone experience on horde.

Wacking them with the motivational whacking stick etc. Loved it.

I definitely want to see peons make it to the game, I agree.

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Horde would be better: “work work”.

But i get the idea of having only kobolds, at least for a while to people understand how the game works. And also of course, there is no faction locked units so everyone can use kobolds.

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Dark Iron Dwarves are already in the game and have a mining mechanic

Ah I don’t have beta access and havn’t noticed them yet, thats neat. Guess Blizzthomas liked the idea :slight_smile:

I follow someone in Youtube, if you want check Geno Problemo Youtube Channel. It probably is the best source of info since the game there are lots of hours of gameplay in his channel.

Im kinda skirting around extra media sources right now… sorta ineffectively as Im also hanging around here and trying to do my best to prevent a diablo immortal II event… but for warcraft… warcraft has really taken some L’s of late :confused:

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