Has anyone gotten stuck on the store page during the tutorial?

Posted this over to Reddit, but wanted to post here too :slight_smile:

For me it forces me to open the store, I think it wants me to buy something but I only have 330 gold and the options in it are all 350.

There also doesn’t appear to be anyway to go back to the main screen from it.

If you had this issue and got past it can you please let me know what I need to do!

What you mean, you have access to the beta?

And yet, IOS can’t sign up :frowning:

Does restarting the game solve this?


It does not unfortunately. I am going to see if the store refresh changes anything when that happens at some point today. Maybe there will be an item to buy for less than 330 gold.

Edit: I can do a screen recording of it if allowed to.

Thanks for letting me know, you can use our in-game reporting system (4 finger tap) to submit a report next time it happens.

Have done :slight_smile: thanks.

Edit: This is still occurring, I’ve submitted multiple reports - even included a video to the reporting feature. Hope to get past it soon :frowning: