Bots and Cheating in Warcraft Rumble

We’ve seen some frustration with bots in Warcraft Rumble. We take botting and cheating very seriously. We’ve already begun to ban offending accounts and plan to do regular ban waves while monitoring the situation.

We won’t be sharing details about our cheating investigations or actions as we have a general policy against doing so. We’ve found that sharing information about the process just helps cheaters to improve their tactics and can end up making the problem worse.

Appeals can be requested through Customer Support.


You are not I am in talks with Apple to have the game pulled until you get your ducking crap together and ban the cheaters devices also duck you for shoving pvp down our throats

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I find this topic relevant & interesting.
I am asking as a leader of my Guild.

I want to know, if Blizzard does ban these bot players forever or do they get a chance to comeback?

You should actually start with banning your own Cheating AI. It drops counters before you even drop your mini… the MMR affects gold production so you are forced to buy gold to get past heroics and dungeons

Zero balance in PVP btw


PVP is not even fun. everyone uses all the same setups you find online. i like to play the ones that look interesting to me. all i have been seeing is same … same … same … same … once i would see certain mini’s drop using the same leader i just closed it out … the game in now uninstalled from my tablet.


How do I report my most recent opponent for cheating? They were spamming the same units over and over and their dark spear troll at level 5 healed so fast that it could only be killed with a combo of both blizzard and SAFE pilot. I played this game at approximately 8:32 pm CT on 12/19/2023 and my opponent had a mandarin username.

i found the post Very interesting If the game worked properly! second Day DUngeon is Broken and cant take my reward !

I am facing in pvp seriously frustrating moments with cheating.
As latest example i was lvl 3 troops and opponent was lvl 7 !
My towers are basic missile and his are some mean energy balls ones.

Other battle - my firemage is doing less dmg then opponents tank.
Or my tower simply does not shoot incoming enemy units until they start hitting it in melee range.
Want more?

This game is filled with cheaters and same time it has so many game breaking bugs its not worth time nor money.

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Agreed. You can tell the game randomly gets more difficult. It is frustrating. Feels like it is all chance and not skill.

You’re worried about bots? How about fixing the PvP crashing issues ? If you crash it’s an auto lost? Can’t even play PvP since the patch rolled out.

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How did your big shot talks ‘with Apple to get the game pulled’ go for you? LOL!!! I’m sure they took every word of yours like it was gospel. :laughing:

Blizzard is working on it in their own, they have totally broken the game for iOS since a week ago. And today they made it even worse.:clown_face::clown_face: