Beta Update

Currently its region locked beta and in house beta, unless your down under your gonna have to sit tight :slight_smile:

When in Latin America?


Key plz. key plz. Key plz. Key plz.

Can’t wait for a key :slight_smile:

I think only streamers get the beta access to advertise the game and not the people who would like to play it. It’s really a shame! Especially since you don’t even get an answer to the whole question!!!

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Great News!!
And great new content of cause, new maps for PvP sounds great for me!

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Would be nice to get an invite /sigh

Indeed. I think there are more players waiting for an invite / key (i am also one of them). I wasn`t lucky since now.

Moreover, I do have a question: when is this game going to be available on iOS as well (for me it says - not yet available on Apple store sadness

Thank you!

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Been a pre-registered since day 1
Warcraft fan for 20+ years.
Would really appreciate a beta invite if there be any to spare =)

I’ve been following these updates and am becoming so impatient and excited!
I would love to help report feedback if I got a beta invite. :slight_smile:
Thanks for all your hard work on this project.

Release this game!
Waitting a key to play now.

That’s gonna be a reborn of a mobile game.

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It took me this long to come up with an appropriate battlecry to deploy when facing a full frontal murloc assault. One so moving and inspiring as to embolden my troops in such a way that they believe themselves nigh invincible. So with the queue of the battle horn I deliver the following: Minis! Ready your lemons and bring tartar, for tonight, we dine on SMELT!!!

Pretty sure the window for that contest expired awhile ago; solid attempt despite the timing. Maybe the dev’s will feel generous and hand one out to you anyways XD

Was this game canceled?

Seems likely, there is no hype.