Zoom options in game

Hi Guys,

With all the updates happening it makes me excited to see whats next! Can I please flag again the zoom in game, Can it please be an option to zoom out. It is such a needed function to the competitive game play


they never wanted players to zoom further out. do not ask me why, as i do not know. i watched the game`s development from school and from home.

all modern RTS have zoom options its hard to think they want to remain outdated

There already is a zoom function. You can use middle scroll wheel to zoom in and out. The maximum zoom out is limited for fairness reasons, like with most RTS games which do not allow global zoom out.

what competitive RTS are you talking about? Wc3 for example all tournments are hosted on maps with zoom 3x more then the current zoom? AOE also has zoom much larger then wc3, OH and so does SC2 lol… not sure where your info comes from…

Apparently an option to change zoom was added to the latest PTR build.