You have been temporarily restricted from the server


how does it not work? are you on windows? are you typing ipconfig or lpconfig

if lpconfig youre doing it wrong.


Same problem here, tried ipconfig, still not working for me.


i have same problem (you have been temporarily restricted from the server.Please try again later.(3.46)
Pls help me


i have this problem for 3 weeks now, it seems to be some kind of connection restriction, still cant join using my router ethernet cable or wifi, tried to plug in EDIMAX thing for PCs and make personal hotspot from my phone , seems to be working


If you use VPN it will work i dont know why it was doing it but it stopped after a while. i used ghost and bearvpn


Help, have same problem, tried ipconfig but it doesnt work. Help dev(


Same 3.46 problem. No reason and no terms


Same here.


  • No pirate software was used, unless it’s randomly WinRAR finally having its dues paid (wtf with these comments)
  • Tried releasing and renewing ipconfig per suggestion by Hectic. Also tried elevated cmd and connecting to a different network


  • Last time it worked for me was somewhen in Nov '18 (when account was freshly bought, from Blizz, and was not used since)
  • My War3(TFT) version is
  • Error message I receive is exactly the same


I had to re download the game from the launcher at after every update


I’am restricted,why ???
“mazinger_z” profile ?!?


¸to everyone here, i had same issues and the fix was really dumb. when you reset wc3 fully / your computer or your modem . your ip may change meanwhile due to many thing’s, including your internet service provider’s, how to repair it , in most case id suggest u plug pull your modem power cable and let your modem down 20-30 mins so it can fully reinitialize itself. after you do. just come back plug it back. wait 5 -10 mins and your error 3.46 should b fixed


This has happened to me when i change my VPN location. It is through norton, totally safe right? Now i cant log on, and i have tried many other IP locations. I have also tried turning it off.


Seeing all these people over the months with 1-3 posts posting the same thing, I’m just assuming they’re all Kantarion.


Aren’t you a bit too paranoid? I would assume good faith as it’s a technical topic - a person might have problems, and it might be the only reason for him ever to engage on these forums.

Unless it’s a case of elegant irony on your part, that is.


it is likely the use of VPN, which i assume is illegal, as it can be used to circumvent ip bans.


Well thats horrible. I got Norton 360, it came with a VPN, i just assumed it was perfectly fine to use. This sucks. I have played this game since wc2 and now im restricted??

Also, i am not a hacker, or whatever other person that guy thinks I am.

I have tried to reset my modem, computer, Ive released/renewed my IP, no clue where to go next.


Exactly, I came here because I have a problem with my game. Thank you.


I contacted support. I have a 2 week IP Ban for using a VPN. I had no clue it was against the rules, had no reason to use it, it came with norton and said it was for safe browsing so why not? Well heres why not I guess.

While i was using it, i changed my IP location multiple times, while logged in, in a short period of time, which may be what triggered the ban. I used it for days before that without issue. I change it because some seemed more laggy then others. No malicious intent. Guess ill be back on in 2 weeks (or like 10 days by now i hope)


hope you learned your lesson.


The lesson’s being - Blizzard are silly sometimes.