Wtf did you just patch? matchmaker still not finding games

no patch notes again, second time since the august 17 update, and i figured if anything the patch meant that the game would be playable again (MEANING IT WOULD FIND A RANKED OR UNRANKED GAME,) but nope, still wont find a match.

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idk are you using a vpn or proxy or something? Have never had an issue finding games since the original patch. Tons of other issues, of course- While I now generally see the results screen, it’s still bugged and often shows an MMR Of 0, and then on the versus screen it says it’s -1 until you restart the game.

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I can’t find games at all. Waited for 1800 seconds earlier today before I had to cancel queue. Now I’ve currently been in the same queue for 1700 seconds and nothing. Previously queue times were close to instant, or less than 2m. Something is clearly broken.

3v3 ranked

change your region or something. I’ve heard of some people who cant get games when they connect through a certain gateway, even though it isn’t supposed to matter.

https: SLASH SLASH imgur DOT com/4fd2yfF

Its not about matchmaking , its about people left and dont even launch wc3 or went to w3c. As for me, i’m not launching wc3 anymore.

The near instant pops i get in 1s and 4s say you’re wrong.

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yeah! So they can save cost for server and maintenance

Everyone is excited that we have matchmaking again but are we ignoring the fact that the stats are completely broken, that wins are being counted as losses, losses being counted as wins, stats not recording at all, etc? The ladder is completely defunct.

Smaller issues:
-in anonymous FFA players can use the !mute player 1 function to find out the player’s name. Please fix this.
-The zoom function was a great addition, however right now the options range from 1900 (not zoomed enough) and the next one is 2300 (way too far) - can we get options in the middle?


Tried everything, changed regions, different game types, using VPN. Everything. Nothing works, game is broken. Its not us bro, certain players literally cant play the game lol


yep matchmaker is still broken.

changed region to europe and it wont even let me queue for a ranked game. hit search and nothing happens.


BUMP same here que times has gone 20x longer

I can find games no problem but I have been getting losses (mostly in the form of a Loss (0) that is eventually removed from my record, but a win is not credited) for almost all of my wins since the original patch in August.

It seems completely broken in different ways for different people.

The whole thing is a mess.

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They must have coded in a blacklist with your name on it, for me it’s been instant pop after instant pop after instant pop.

It’s almost certainly a network issue somehow connected with the addition of the new server.

Everything works but not 3v3… nothing to do with player base. Can still find a game in seconds in 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3. Please fix this !


two weeks later and the game is still 100% unplayable.

its like can someone just give a monkey at blizzard a computer already?