World Editor questions/concers

Hi there. I’ve heard that Pete Stilwell said that the world editor will be improved but I was wondering about the specifics of these improvements like:
-Will there be options to increase the inventory size of heroes?
-Will the world editor have an integrated damage detection system for physical/magical damage ? Or to make orb effects stack ? Or making attribute scaling spells ? ( I know for example some spells are easy to make them scale via triggers but there are example which are extremely hard or near impossible especially to average map makers , for example cone abilities or a passive chain lightning which deals attribute base damage or attribute based summons etc)
-Having the option integrated in the editor to remove the movement speed cap
-The option to have every terrain/doodads/environmental objects available in every map
-Increasing the attack speed cap/lower attack cooldown via spells
-Increasing the numbers of attack/armor types


Inventory Size probably will come with the custom UI that the new WE will provide, attack cooldown via triggers is already possible. Damage detection is a need for almost all decent maps out there. They said that the world editor will continue friendly for people who cant program with Jass or Lua wich is going to be integrated.

Can´t wait for a new update and oh boi, its close

Probably not. However using the new APIs coming in 1.31 it might be possible to trigger your own inventory system that suits your needs.

That said there currently is no limit on hero inventory size. Just one cannot manipulate items 7 and higher easily. Add multiple different 6 slot inventories to the same unit and watch as they pickup more than 6 items!

Cone abilities are not that hard…

I do not know if such system is coming to JASS, however LUA might get one.

Almost certainly not going to happen. The reason the cap exists is because of path finder limitations and changing the path finder would effect and potentially break a lot of things, as well as significantly reduce performance.

Currently there is no limit to doodad and environmental objects, you can already use all of them if memory allows it.

Terrain limit will likely remain at 16 tiles due to limitations and for compatibility. However Reforged might introduce a new method of terraining which does not use conventional tile textures.

Can be done already with triggers. The set attack speed action bypasses any limits. That said there is still an engine limitation of 50 attacks per second (once per internal frame?) which is higher than what one could previously obtain with object editor only.

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Yes, it is likely.

There has been no word for them. I wouldn’t necessarily bet my money on it, but on the other hand they did mention that one of the plans was that they’d make the hacks, 3rd party tools and other such functions useless as they would be integrated to the new WE. So can just hope and see.

I’m not sure, what you’re asking… All doodads are available to all maps, the chosen tileset doesn’t rule any of them out. And they increased the amount of terrain tiles per map, so I think that’s like the furthest they can go without having some issues with the engine.

Umm… Can’t you already do that…? Bloodlust for instance.

Again, there’s been no word for it, but that would be cool indeed!

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For new map makers I find cone spells and summoner spells scale with attributes kinda hard to make. But what I meant is that they should add an integrated system in Reforged where you have the option to choose the damage/scaling for spells to be attribute based or health based instead of just picking the number. For example in the Abilities panel for chain lightning at Data - Damage per Target you could have the option to add 2 * Agi + 100 or have another added option where you can set the spell to be passive so it can trigger on auto attack. I feel this change would be a a great quality of life improvement.

So via trigges you can a can make a spell or item which lowers unit’s Combat Attack - Cooldown Time per spell’s level ? Every unit has a specific cooldown time for their attacks which limits their attack speed. For example there isn’t any difference if you have 500 agility or 5000 if you have 2 seconds cooldown time for your attacks. I feel like if you cap your attack speed the game should slowly lower your cooldown attack time until you have so much attack speed you reach the 50 attacks per second limit. Do you see my point ?

That would be an awesome addition. It would make many things a lot easier. Also, it would be great if you could add code to the description texts, instead of just a string. Like if you could just put GetHeroStatBJ(bj_HEROSTAT_STR, ThisUnit(), true) That would mean, though, there would have to be some new function to call for the current unit or the particular unit that has the ability.

There is a trigger function: “Set attack interval”, so you can adjust a unit’s attack cooldown with trigger and make the number scale with whatever you want. Granted, it is a quite a hassle to go that route, but so is anything else, if you want to adjust unit stats with triggers.

You can change in the Gameplay Constants how much attack speed bonus heroes gain from one point of agility. It is your job as a map developer to adjust that amount to fit the potential amount of stats your hero can get in your map.

You mean the attack speed bonus should be percentile? Well, you could, again, make that with triggers, and there are items and abilities that change attack speed by the percent, so you could also use those.

No, you missed my point. You know that some units have a faster attack animation while others have a slower attack animation. That’s mostly because of the Combat - Attack - Cooldown Time. I’ll give you an example. The Paladin hero has a cooldown attack time of 2 seconds which will limit how fast he will swing his weapon to do a basic attack regardless of how much attack speed he has via buffs , items , agility or gameplay constants. So if he has 2 seconds cooldown attack timer and the maximum attack speed ( let’s say X) will attack slower than if he had for example 1.5 seconds cooldown attack timer and X attack speed.
I would have liked if the Reforged editor slowly lowers the cooldown attack timer if you reach X attack speed on that unit until you can have the maximum attacks per second the system allows OR allow attack speed alone to reach the maximum attacks per second allowed by the system without the concern of the cooldown attack timer for every unit. (The unit will attack like a machine gun in that case)

Oh, I see. Haven’t ran into that problem myself, but I guess that could be nice feature. Though, I don’t think it’s very likely. Uses of such feature would, after all, be quite marginal. But, we can always hope!

Except that is as arbitrary as their current scaling. What if people want them to scale with a JASS or LUA variable? Or with unit/hero level? Hence triggers are the only way to go in such a case.

What is needed is a simple way to detect when damage is done from a specific ability. Similar to what StarCraft II has. One can then do whatever scaling calculations one wants for damage there in a single simple trigger.

I have some idea as to how to make a trigger system for ability scaling. Before trying to prototype I am waiting for LUA support (1.31) since it would rely on the more dynamic nature of data structures in LUA.

The limit is 400% faster attack speed. It is a well known limit and is hard coded. Although a gameplay constant to remove the limit would be nice, it still cannot be removed by default to avoid breaking maps.

Agility can give less than 1% attack speed per point. Hence 500 to 5,000 points of agility could make a difference as long as it does not exceed the -80% to +400% faster attack speed range.

The trigger action bypasses this limit entirely. It can make any unit attack 50 times per second if so desired.

That said if you have units attacking 50 times per second that raises alarm bells of a poorly designed map. Rather make the attacks hit for more damage than more attacks.

As mentioned above. +400% faster attack speed is the limit. Hence a 2 second attack period has a maximum attack speed limit of 0.4 second attack period. Triggers bypass this limit and can be used to make the unit attack 50 times a second regardless.

I see what you’re saying but my problem is that there are many custom hero maps or custom maps in general where you build you hero/character and you reach a point where attack speed becomes irrelevant very fast (bloodlust ,endurance aura, agility etc.) and for some heroes the attack timer is pretty slow in my opinion even with the maximum attack speed due to having big cd attack timer. The only exception I can think of are hero transformations which lower the cooldown attack timer or the respective unit having a low cooldown attack timer to begin with. As you’ve said, a gameplay constant where you can increase or remove the cap would be nice.
Also , intelligence heroes or intelligence in general become weaker/useless late game if the spells don’t scale with attributes/health etc. which feels bad. I know that Warcraft 3 wasn’t designed for these kind of maps where you units scale out of control but I feel these custom maps are very popular and at the core of custom games in general. A spell scaling similar to league would be awesome.

I just want editor to be friendly to people who dont know any code.

Anyone who opens it up with zero game creating experience and be able to understand and tinker with the game through tutorials and details on World Editor.

Thats what I want.


Honestly, the World Editor is very user-friendly. I remember getting by with it just fine just by playing around when I was only a kid. Even triggers are easy to learn, although there are a lot of features that need some training and deeper learning, but the basic stuff is pretty simple. And there are amazing places to get help: from Hive you can get an answer almost guaranteed within the same day.