World Editor it's tired for work

Hi to TS of Blizzard Empire)) I love Warcraft, and big thx to Blizzard, for the given opportunity plunge into this world. But, the World Editor need some fixes. In the tab of AI, when u can test the AI, I press Test, or CTRL+F9, then WC3 is open, but he didn’t play. I see only lion’s head on a screen, and nothing else happens.

Hope u pay attention to this issue, because it’s very need for me.

Why is it so hard to setup editor to let us play all 4 races against each other and let me act as neutral. I keep trying to setup all 4 races as computer and me as a user and still wants to let me be against the team with all 4 races against me. Microsoft as fixed this issue a long time ago on most scenarios so why is that so hard to let all races be individual teams against each other.

I only have 2 teams me as user and the 4 races as computer are the other team against me. Crazy setup and should not be that hard to fix in AI.