Windows 10 issues (crash)


I have read several times that most of the people experiencing the instant crash when opening the game are running windows 8 and that running 10 will fix the problem. I have been running 10 the whole time and have not been able to run the game since the NE patch last week. Is anyone else out there on 10 having the same problem? Is it possible the problem is not related to the OS? Compatibility mode has not worked.


i have the same problema as you , i have Windows 10 and i can not run the game , i have tried to contact blizzard and i have reinstall tha game like 3 times but nothing worked

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For those of you getting start on load up crashes and are not running Windows 8.1. Please provide your error UUID so we can take a look. This should pop-up when you crash. Thank you!


Did you mean this number?

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That’s the one! These reports will help us investigate the root cause.


06BFDFBB-25E3-46E5-A55F-8CB97860A843 ,crashed on win10


Hypothetically, say we were not on windows 10. Microsoft wants 120 bucks to upgrade. How likely is it that there will be a fix for this for people who don’t wish to upgrade?


There are ways to upgrade without paying anything. I’ve just upgraded and my beta works now.

But here people are using windows 10 already so i don’t know, they’ll have to wait for blizzard to fix the issue.


I haven’t been able to run the beta a single time. The game keeps crashing or even worse the computer crashes. I have a pretty good setup as well so it shouldn’t be a prestanda issue.

PS: I’m using windows 10



Windows 10

Updated to Windows 10 just so I could play this game… figured I would do it the moment when it stops working, naturally. Not mad at Blizzard, just super disappointed :confused:


DF7B448C-9A1D-4BCC-8233-3D009EBC1557, crashed on Win10 as well.


crashed in win 8.1 please give us prompt solution.


I also can’t start the game. Here is the code. I hope that will help fixing this soon =)



win 8.1


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Thanks everyone who provided your UUID. Everyone who supplied the code is experiencing the same issue, it’s just more prevalent on Windows 8.1 compared to other OS. While we investigate, some people have gotten around the issue by updating their OS. Thank you all for your patience!


update the beta and I get an error here is the ID … 444B0479-A946-46DA-ABE7-E74BEA9893AC


dats crazy, i played a month ago, but after the ne patch game started crashing. almost month passed and still nothing?

blizzard, please! :smiley: