Win Counted as Loss

First wins weren’t showing up and now my latest win was counted as a loss. How can you screw up something so fundamental? My expectations were not high to begin with but you continue to surprise me.


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Je signale également que les parties en ligne sont toute planté, actuellement à presque 30 win pour 6 loose en 4V4 mais stats sont de 17/5 XD… Hier soir encore deux victoires en 3v3 et rien de compté, ma seconde victoire à même été compté comme une défaite!! Replay dispo

The same thing just happened to me. It then disappeared after I restarted the game, so it was neither a win nor a loss. Blizzard… I just can’t.

known issue Warcraft III: Reforged Known Issues -- Updated Aug. 22


Hab 4 Spiele gewonnen in meinen Stats wurde bewertet 1 Sieg 3 Niederlagen .
Bei meinen UD Stats war ich auf 70 % Winrate nach dem Spiel hatte ich aufeinmal 56 Niederlagen und meine Winrate war auf einmal auf 32 %.Ich habe mich so sehr auf die Ladder Games gefreut aber es sollte mir schon vorher klar sein das diese Versager das nicht vernünftig zum laufen bringen.Ich mein das Spiel ist über 20 Jahre alt das kann doch kein Hexenwerk sein die Ladder games vernünftig anzupassen man merkt richtig die Lustlosigkeit und die Scheiss egal Einstellung von den Entwicklern .

Thank you for linking that. Good to see they know about it and (hopefully) working on it.

It’s a known issue. In every case i’ve seen, this is the server not reporting the results of a match promptly.

If you log in to the game later, it should have the correct results. Of course, no one should have to see things like this, so hopefully they get it sorted. It’s at least less broken than it was right after the patch.

I just got this error again. I still haven’t been credited the win from 5 days ago.
We finally get ranked, which should have been part of Reforged from day 1, and it can’t even register wins properly. Yet again, Blizzard has raised my hopes and dashed them quite expertly.

Were you playing 4s or FFA by any chance? I don’t seem to have a single win recorded in either of those modes even though I definitely have. But 1s 2s and 3s, I’m not having much issue.

Just trying to narrow down reproduction steps.

I’ve had it happen on 2 out of the 5 4v4s I’ve played since the patch.

Well that’s something in common- if you have not played any other modes, I suggest you find yourself a win or three in other modes to see if we can corroborate this further.

I’ll try that and let you know the results. Thanks!

Just one thing don’t go by the placements screen, I’m pretty sure that’s bugged regardless of the mode and whether you win or not. Go by the match history in your profile.

I’ve been mainly playing 1v1 and the match reporting there seems to be working “reliably.” But I definitely wan to see if it’s the case for others.

Got it. They aren’t showing up at all in the match history. I did save the replay of the second one, so I know I’m not crazy and it did exist. :smile:

its still not fixed tho they said it would calculate ive won games weeks ago and still havent got the win or mmr for it and its still doing it this system is screwed

ive contacted them and right now they say they cant do anything so its quite possible we won those games for nothing

after so long the data would get lost and everything
sadly i think thats what going to happen. even the patch didnt fix it

Tried 4v4 again. Just got knocked down a rank from losing MMR after a victory that was counted as a defeat. Fun.