Will we have to buy it again?


What about the people that say. Bought this game a month - 2 months ago? At the least people for 2018 should be covered for the new remastered. Or a $10 dollar upgrade fee.


Bro same story, already bought it again! :smile:


personally I believe Blizzard should have noted down everyone who owned Warcraft 3 on their battle.net before the recent Blizz con and be offering all of those people a 10-25% discount on reforged. Nothing insane or something that would cost them much money, just a light nod to the people who have stuck with the game over the years.

I mean the Reforged version costs $39.99… thats a full on new game and this is not truly a new game, I am sure much of it is new but much of it is not new. They can definitely afford giving players of the old game who had it before this a $4.00 - $10.00 discount without feeling any kind of significant punch to their revenue.


i mean, when ipod comes out with the new iphone, and ur old iphone is an i5 and they just release the i6… does the company - mail you, your free updated version? lol i mean common. i’ve had my same warcraft 3 account since highschool, 2004 and kept it. i’m on it right now, same account and profile… lol. YES it would be SO cool if warcraft somehow made magic - happen - in real life. and magically my iphone 5, TURNS INTO an iphone6. and out of any company or product line, the only company to make magic like that happen: i’d vote blizzard to be the one. lol that is just my vote… (blizzard is just my preferred product line). now is it fair to ask for a free copy of remastered just cus you already have the old version? does it make sense? all i can say is - “that would roool” but going to be honest. if / when the remastered comes out and i have to buy a whole new copy… with completely new cooler graphics, and i assume much easier team ranked and ladder match play with friends… with map hackers all removed with a much more secure platform… with real cash $ just to play it. dude i’m gonna buy it and start from level 0 fresh. lol. okay now for a real solution? anyone who can link their past warcraft 3, original roc or tft profile… they should be able to unlock, at level 0 portrait, a peasant… instead of a peon. that would be ridiculously cool to have an portrait that ONLY ppl from warcraft 3 original, could have. because when going into battlenet as a current warcraft 3 non remastered version, my profile portrait icon at level 0 or level 1 is a peon… which is unchangeable until 25 wins of a specific race or 10 tournament wins… that might be cool! or a fel orc peon instead. whatever idea works best u can come up with. that would be my suggestion to a “hot fix” IN THE END… FINAL NOTE i already own two copies of roc and tft so that my friends and i can play at my house… im already talking to my friends about how “i will be buying” remastered soon. its a great topic lol. good ideas, hey every little bit helps the blizzard feedback community, right? :smiley:


They gived already players who own the virtual ticket the spoils of war free so they just need to pay 30€.


That is a great question. I used to play this game for weeks in my basement when I was younger, but my new computer doesnt have a disc drive and I just wanna buy virtual copies and they took the originals off the store, I can buy the keys online from a 3rd party seller but thats 50 bucks for WC3 and the frozen throne. If you preorder WC3 REFORGED do you get access to the classic game? If so, I’ll buy it right now :joy: I miss it


You can just enter your Physical Copy Codes in the Account Settings under Games & Codes and it will add you a copy of the game as a virtual version to you account.


LOL no. No it’s not worth it.


They may make the game free like with Starcraft and then claim only the remastered version is worth anything…


So long as there aren’t any major screw-ups, I’m willing to pay $30 for Reforged, but I’d like an official answer on this.


Yes you should pay for the remaster. Its basically a completely new game, they just had years of practice and balance as they watch how the community and game mechanics played out. At least it assure you a pretty good idea that it will be a well balanced and solid game from the start. But i dont support people from Wc3tft being able to cross game battle with people from the WCr, i dont think it would even be possible with all the changes. You’ll be surprised at how much of the mechanics have been changed for the better. It was a great game at launch but had its small issues that they managed to balanced to fine tune over the years. I cant wait to play it and see how well they tried to combat all the cheap tricks like cannon rushing with workers and what not. I’m even though they addressed this over time in wc3tft im sure they put time to watch issue like that even more in the remaster. I just cant wait to see a massive battle whether on the ground or in the air, i always saved my awsome battles when me and my bro played 2v2 ranked matches and had long games with massive battles. A 1hr game would be shook out in about 1-2minutes of an epic battle, but that battle was always awesome to rewatch and see the micromanagement. Good luck guys, im redownloading WCtft as we speak, Im sure many other have the same idea to get some practice in on that before the remaster. See you guys in the real Azeroth!


What? It’s totally worth it. Now, pre-purchasing it? That’s debatable. I’m holding off myself on that since I don’t see any reason to (I already have the old War3).

I’d pre-purchase it if they offered some sweet War3 reforged pre-purchase skins though.


So you bought the game last week even though Reforged was announced a month ago? LOL maybe do some research next time.


I wish there was at least an updated version of Warcraft and Warcraft II that could properly run on Windows 7,8,10… I can’t even play those games anymore with the way Windows OS has destroyed/deeply-restricted its DOS compatibility…


Its the same as if asking:

I bought the toyota celica from 2003.
Will i also have to pay for toyota celica from 2019 - or will i get it for free just because i got the one from 15 years ago?

Jesus some people…


But they already got my money before and surely I’m entitled enough to all future products.


That would possibly be the case if this was a subscription-based service. This is a singular product. An improved version of another product that you’ve already gotten before but a singular product nonetheless. Sometimes it’s stated that you’d get some sort of discount but it’s in no way guaranteed for all products of all sellers of products.


reforged is 40 bucks? Lmao, this just keeps getting better and better


That’s if you want goodies in other games. The regular price is $30.


I find it pretty funny how many of you really expect to get something like this for free because you owned the old WC3. If you don’t want to pay for it don’t, you can still play WC3 just fine.