Will we get Blizzard companies color pallets for WE?

Will we get Blizzard/LemonSky resources like model makers and color palettes in World Editor?

Then we could make assets like they do.

Instead of having assets not fitting in with the world because of third party tool variations.

So design more consistent and professional?


Yes. We will get the same tools they use to make the models.

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Is that the lemonsky stuff 2?

We don’t know what exact tools they are, but yes, I’d imagine they are the same tools Lemon Sky uses. But the only thing we know for sure, is that we are getting some tools.

This would make map making professional-like.

We could create models that would match something that Blizzard could come up with.

Then we wouldnt need requests for races/units/models because we can make them good quality.

No more third party models that dont fit in with the graphics of the game.