Will reforged have additional missions


If they are retconning new info will thay mean more missions?


Not exactly. If I remember correctly, they might have said somewhere that they might introducing one or two missions that were cut from the original game. So, technically no new missions, just those that were cut from the original game because of time and money issues (like the Arthas and Illidan fight at the Frozen Throne might be extended as the original one was cut short). I believe one of them was regarding the Arthas attacking Silvermoon and there might be one mission somewhere in between. But correct me, if I’m wrong. This is just a hunch that vaguely remember reading or watching.


But with new lore like they said “going to make Jaina more coolio” not enough screen time.

Is it possible?

I wonder if Rexxar campaign will change or be removed.

Outland could use a few transitional missions


Well, we can’t know what the kind of lore they include, but I’d imagine not something too big, since they wouldn’t have dared to cut them otherwise.


*Cough Illidan vs Arthas we deserved


Longer cutscenes, some extra lines, but otherwise it’s the same campaign.

I mean the examples that Christie Golden gave were incredibly subtle to someone who hasn’t played the campaign again in 10 years. It will irk some players who have fond memories of some deliveries or some lines, but for the most part it’s not going to be an entire missions worth of additions.

I mean, honestly War3 was full of basic RPG adventure stuff like Arthas talking to and killing a dragon to take its treasure, or Rexxar and crew taking a potion that turns them into shadow wyverns. I’m not very concerned if they wanted to insert more linearity into it considering there was so much side quest content that made the worldly threats seem less intense.


To be honest, its been half a year since we’ve heard from the team, they could’ve decided to add whole new missions or any other significant design decision by now.

Who knows whats going on in the depths of that California HQ…


Obviously nothing besides messing with the original game whilst ignoring everyone on here.


This is my best guess too.