Why won't blizz give us a better build?


… like the one that was avalible at blizzcon, with different color balance, better fps, way more effects, better unit readability.
Take a look: x_https://youtu.be/WNvHCsQgQzM?t=2511 x_https://youtu.be/WNvHCsQgQzM?t=389

What’s even funnier, at the deep dive the next day the devs’ve stated, that they have even a far better one, but they don’t wanna show it now. Why? What’s the point?


I would say they don’t have anything better. Usually such mess occurs when for some reason the promised product can’t be delivered and needs to be scaled back.


The one in the video is clearly different from what we have now, tho. At first I thought they were gonna release it with the undead, but that didn’t happen.