Why were Classic portraits downscaled?

As some of you know by now, 1.33 added many portraits to obtain by getting an appropriate amount of melee wins, and most of them were 1024x1024.
In 19133, these images are replaced with 256x256 versions of the same icons.

To Blizzard, why? You’ve got the files, if this isn’t completely intended, revert the change; if it was, make a statement about it.

To everyone else, know that this means these icons will look marginally worse only if you have a large resolution monitor to play Warcraft 3 on, but it’s still a downgrade and we know 1024x1024 icons existed and looked very good.

(space) optimization probably

But bigger icons would add to the space the game takes up, and we can’t have that. [eyeroll]

(Yes, it would be measured in kilobytes)

To be honest, the smaller older icons added to the allure. It left things up to your imagination. I always remember trying to get items and hanging in clans braggin about icons to DOTA players lol

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