Why is blizzard losing time with reforged, its just a skin for TFT


It’s so incredibly that you got both points wrong.

  1. The unit animations are placeholder, unfinished or outright missing.
  2. Pathfinding is exactly what it should be like.

Why do you think so? Sure, the website promises hundreds of balance changes, but some of them are probably counted with 1.29-1.31.


Pretty much summed up 90% of these threads bruh


I mean… you’re kind of pointing out why.
But I guess that comes down to what we assume is and isn’t in 1.31.
I suspect they’re heading for SC2 style balancing. I.E. significant meta shake-ups every now and then.
But I have no more evidence to support it than you have evidence to contradict it.
So that leaves us at a standstill.


Hey guys! I was watching some leaked footage of an unfinished beta game, and it felt really… unfinished.
Seriously, who gave this guy an internet connection.


That’s one mystery… but I’m more interested in your name.
How does one milk a chicken to make cheese? (Kippenkaas = Chickencheese.)


You make the chicken cry, and use the tears to make cheese.


Very educational. You are a true scholar.