Why is blizzard losing time with reforged, its just a skin for TFT


And have new level design if Stratholme is the tip of the spear since they’re going to match modern canon geography better. And have more writing for that modern canon. And have the current voice actors come in and do the characters they voice but for Reforged. And have Blizzard go under the hood and make sure it all works and connects on modern BattleNet servers. And give us a new editor/tools for mapmaking.

“Reskin”, right.


I got the 1/4th thing from your car analogy though and extrapolated it back to Reforged. Didn’t put it in your mouth.

Is there any evidence that that will happen or did you just assume it will happen?


Apologies that came out perhaps with it sounding more aggresive than it needed to be but speaking as somebody who works with cars (mostly administrative and monetary, not an actual petrolhead.), the things I listed are in no way equal in labour or monetary cost.
They are however very significant changes to the car.

As for KingOmelette’s point:
New voice acting is already in the leaked beta build. Heck there’s even threads on this forum complaining about changes in voice actors. So we know this is true.
Also they mentioned it last Blizzcon.


MMO-Champion interviewed Brian Sousa and Pete Stilwell at BlizzCon.
" Audio and Dialogue

  • All dialogue is being rerecorded and utilizing the voice actors from WoW."

Back2Warcraft also interviewed Pete Stilwell and it was one of his questions.

Sorry for “assuming it will happen”.


Interesting, just didn’t know it was real thing that was going to happen. Thanks for the source.

I just tried to look at Reforged through the lens of the meaning of the word “forge”, hence the whole discussion about being a reskin or not, lol. It seems like, from what I can tell, people expect Reforged to be A LOT MORE than just the new models/textures. Well, we’ll see the final result when it’s finished.

Notice that I didn’t particularly say it’s going to be this way or that way, I just tried to think logically through the lens of the words “forge” and “reforged”.


…But we do know what to expect because there is more to it than just new models and textures.


Because Blizzard has explicitly said it is going to be a a lot more than just models and textures and demonstrated/clarified as such at last year’s Blizzcon with the revamped Culling mission featuring entirely new geography for example.
Combine that with the datamining of entirely new characters that weren’t in WC3 to begin with.
A few interviews asking questions etc.

We know what we’re getting is more than just a reskin.
BUUUUT we also know that while significant, right now, besides the features I mentioned, we’re likely not getting any other significant content.
I think it’s best to call this an “upgrade” to WC3, but it’s not as significant as an “expansion” like TFT was.
I mean, redoing the entire 7 campaigns is going to be at least as much work as making an entirely new 3-4 campaigns (which is why I’d have been much happier with an entirely new 3-4 campaigns) but hey, it’s something genuinely additive as content.
(I believe it was mentioned there’s no reforging planned for Rexxar.)


Well the leaks are not official, it was not what blizz wanted us to see, so let’s hope the real beta is more polished.


Yes, they killed RoC for this trash

RoC is gone forever!!!


Nah, they definitely wanted us to see the new models, otherwise they wouldn’t have put the build on the CDN where they knew it would get datamined.

They just didn’t expect people to hack the build and get it running. It’s not meant to be run outside of Blizzard’s environment.


The multiplayer is effectively a reskin + battle.net 2.0 integration. And yes, I do agree that from the videos, the game feels…off. They unit animations are ok, but their movement paths look awkward and clunky. Especially comparing it to a game like SC2. They put in a lot of effort into the new visuals only to refrain from any positive gameplay changes…Like I understand that a lot of pros use unit blocking, but that doesn’t mean unit collision is fun for casuals. It feels like buying a sick new computer with a fantastic processor and graphics card, but you’re only allowed to run Windows XP on it.

Well, they are remaking the single-player campaign. If you’re into that kind of thing…


I think at least one person has taken your comment seriously. Lol


The game has to be cross-compatible with Classic, which is why movement looks so janky.


It’s how I get all my likes. Play both sides :wink:


It’s not a skin it’s a remake. There is a lot of work to be done and technology has changed a lot since the game was first released. Even if the current engine could support upgraded graphical assets and that was the only work they needed to put in it would still take a long time to do and it would probably cause a lot of bugs and crashes.


“Feels unfinished, bad, the same as TFT. Same maps, same sounds, same skills, same units, same mechanics, same everything.”, Well that would be because what we have is datamined and is indeed unfinished. And the game has no new mechanics or skills because it’s a remaster, not a remake. The game is pretty much already perfect as it is.


Blizzard seems to disagree because they stated the game will have huge balance changes when reforged launches.
I think this will make the high-end competitive scene happy because currently balance is pretty wonky and some factions have only a single viable strat cough undead cough
Cryptlord? what’s that?


That’s because balance is a constant eb and flow, Op wants whole new original mechanics and skills introduced, which is where I think the game is already good enough.


Yeah pretty much.
WC3R is an update to RoC and TFT.

If people want something truly new to come, either hope for a WC4 or maybe a new WC3 expansion.

I certainly myself would love either, or if we’re being greedy: both.
Give us a new expansion short term and have the RTS team move on to Warcraft 4 long term.


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