Why is blizzard losing time with reforged, its just a skin for TFT


The videos we have are so bad. Feels unfinished, bad, the same as TFT. Same maps, same sounds, same skills, same units, same mechanics, same everything.

Why are u guys losing so much time doing this insted of just working on a war4 ?

You killed ROC for this trash ?


“It’s just a skin” really sums up that you don’t know about how a video game might be developed.


What a waste of air.


Hmm… Could the fact that it is unfinished have something to do with this? The “beta” we have seen is just some Russian hacked version of the beta, and not necessarily the one we will be getting our hands on, once the beta is officially released.


Tfw an unfinished game is unfinished :o


because the game is not even in open beta so all the videos you see are from data miners and like you said the game is unfinished .

Warcraft 3 Reforged is WC3 RoC + TFT with updated art (models + animation, spells effects and maybe sound effects ) and they will do small changes for the campaign and for now many of the new models look good,
i dont know what you expect from the game but from the last Blizzcon the dev team of reforged tell us they will focus on remastering the game for now .


"It’s just a skin” really sums up that you don’t know about how a video game might be developed.

Leaving aside the pessimistic nature of OP for a moment, by definition Reforged IS just a reskin, in the end. It should be, otherwise why are they even calling it “Reforged”.

Let’s see what the definition of the verb “to forge” is.

To forge: “to form by heating and hammering; beat into shape.” (Source: dictionary dot com)

To reforge means to reform something, and give something another shape. So you do start with an initial shape and you end up with another shape of the same thing.

They may “reforge” the soundeffects, spell effects and so on but it still falls under the category of a “reskin”.


Heh. Well, the traditional meaning of the word doesn’t really mean much here, since it’s a made-up use of the word. By Blizzard’s definition Reforged is something more than just a remaster, but not quite a remake. A remaster would be just a reskin, basically. Like what the Starcraft Remaster is. A remake would be like making the same game again almost from scratch: like Resident Evil 2 or The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D.


It’s a blurry line but considering they’re also adding a new version of the campaign (not replacing it as many seem to believe for some reason) there is actual content, not just a reskin.
They’re also integrating it into modern Bnet and packaging it with new content creation tools.

It’s no Warcraft 4, or an overhaul and remake, but it’s a hell of a lot more than ‘just’ a reskin. Even if it was ‘just’ a reskin. One glance at all the new models, the hundreds of new models, reveals that alone is already quite the ridiculous undertaking. Particularly when you consider they are giving every single creep a unique model.
We’re not getting 3 quilboars shared over 6 units or something, Every single quilboar is getting its own custom assets.


Considering the new campaign that’s a new, more current lore friendly version along with the better looking visuals, new audio, world editor improvements and modern Battle Net integration I believe the word “Reforged” is rather on point.


Yeah, that was kinda my point. It is, for sure, more than a remaster. But for it to be a remake, it should be, for example, made in the SC2 game engine: that would require to actually remake the game from scratch and there would be a lot of gameplay changes, etc.

My rule of thumb for the matter is: a remaster is updated from the original. A remake is a new game (or whatever), that looks, sounds and plays out like the original.


Oh watch ! Another who thinks that leak videos show a current version of the game développement whereas there is not even 1/10 of what Blizzard announced last year.


Well, in their defence:
The build on the client was recently updated with only a small handful of changes.
So it’s hard to say otherwise. As much as I think there’s a more advanced build internally, one with all the undead and night elf units in for example.
(considering a full set of corrupted ancients for the satyr faction you fight during the NE campaign is in)
Without any official word, this hacked build is all we have to go on.

But this hack build is pretty darned meaty with the frankly stupid amount of art assets that are in there.
I mean seriously… I love it but I would have been happy with 1 arachnathid model reskinned 3 times. We didn’t need a unique arachnathid with different patterns of barbs for every single one of what is generally a very fringe creep barely seen on any melee maps or in the campaign.


Whoa there bub. Ocarina of Time 3D was absolutely not made from scratch. Speedrunners figured it out very quickly when a lot of obscure technical glitches were still in. There’s no way they DIDN’T reuse code. You can watch this speedyboi run for more info.


Well, yeah, I haven’t actually played it myself. I just assumed it was a full-on remake from the screenshots.


You know what they say about judging a book by its cover.


You know what they say about judging a book by its cover.

We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, so that’s why I refuse to look at leaked pics of models/textures so that I don’t prematurely start making judgements.

But there’s no way I can read the title “Warcraft III: Reforged” and think it’s not a reskin of the original. Even if they modified the campaign to fit WoW and added and few more things to it. The fact that they add new stuff, change the shape of the models/textures and modify a few things doesn’t nullify the fact that it is a reskin of the original, though.


Apologies for being crass but that sounds a lot like:
“Even if they changed the chassis, replaced the breaks and added a board computer, that doesn’t nullify the fact that it is a paintjob of the original car, though.”


So it is actually a paintjob of the original car + new chassis + new breaks + a board computer.

According to you, the “paintjob” is 1/4 of the work put into Reforged, the remaining 75% of Reforged is completely new stuff that have nothing to do with the reshaping of the models/textures. That’s what I’m basically understanding from your analogy. I wonder if that will be the case.


We already know they’re remaking the whole campaign, with new voice acting and new characters added. The model leaks alone already prove that point. There’s 3 new elf characters never seen before in WC3 for example.

Also no, I never quantified it as 1/4th, don’t put words in my mouth, it may be more, or may be less, I don’t know exactly how momentous a task it is to add 500+ models.
But adding Bnet integration, modern matchmaking and upgraded world editor + art creation tools is a lot of work or at least, significantly more I believe than you are giving them credit for.

That said, healthy scepticism is good. Just don’t misconstrue what is and isn’t coming when we have actual evidence to support that there’s a lot more happening than just a reskin.