Why is AT allowed to match vs RT? Ruining the game

Greater than 75% of the time, no matter what format I search (4v4, 3v3, 2v2), I am paired with RT allies against a coordinated team. The last couple matches I had a team of allies with 33% win (20-40, 10-30 records) vs a team of 50-3 AT allies. My last match was vs a team of 18-0 teammates while my allies were all 40% win or lower.

This is ruining the game. Fix it.

This has been discussed a million times before, and the reason is so that everyone can play. Without this design decision, queue times, particularly for ATs, would be far too long and the matchups would likely have higher MMR gaps almost all of the time.

I don’t disagree that there are advantages to being in an AT, but for the sake of queue times, simply correcting the MMR of each team based on whether any AT players are on a team or not (i.e. weighting the AT’s MMR higher to account for possible advantages) is a better idea than disabling this feature, which would result in higher queue times for everyone. Is it really better to wait several times longer (or potentially indefinitely if your MMR is low/high enough) to get a game at all than to make some compromise to potential match quality so that people at least get to play?

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Useless. multiple threads from the same couple people isn’t going to do anything.

I have also one thread :