Why can't i see original Warcraft 3 and TFT on the store?

Did the classic version became for free since W3 Reforged has dominion over the UI and anything and buying Reforged on the store is optional to have the graphics enhancement?

Please reply, i am thinking of buying it for my nephew so i can play some custom games with him, but i don’t see it on the store, so i dunno how are we gonna play it since i have the W3 and TFT key and he doesn’t.

There is only one game. If you have a RoC CD key you own Reforged.

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Already looked at my Battle.net launcher and it says i don’t own Reforged, i have to buy it

And if i wanna play RoC or TFT with my nephew… how the heck would i do it since i can no longer buy Classic W3 but Reforged?


You can’t see them because this is that game.

Warcraft III Reforged is in fact just a patch to the original game. Thus, you can’t buy that because it will just update to this.

When they came out with Diablo II Resurrected, they figured out that was dumb and made it a separate game (even though it is mostly a new graphics engine slapped over the original game engine). But that happened too late for War3.

If you want to buy Warcraft III today this is the only option, even if you don’t want the Reforged graphics. You just select classic mode and that’s all there is to it.

They will need their own battle.net account and their own copy of the game. You can’t install the game on a bunch of PCs like in the olden days. That’s just how games work today. Not just W3R, but almost all PC games that aren’t freeware or indie.

If you dig around on the internet, you can find the original installers. But you can not go online with the original game because it will update to the Reforged version. You can however, play LAN with that as long as you don’t mind it being an unpatched out of date version.

Also if you want to just be like “this is what the games I played were like when I was younger, my nephew,” Buy reforged on two accounts, play for a while, then refund them. They are still no-questions-asked refunding this game.

Originally one of the reasons they did remasters of the classic games was so they could move them to the new battle.net network. This is one of the reasons they made all War3 clients patch to the Reforged version. But after the backlash from that, with Diablo II they left the original version online. So they still can’t free themselves from their old battle.net network entirely.

If you have the RoC key on your account, if you go here > https://account.battle.net/games#classic-game-accounts you can do a manual install and then it should work.

If you still own the cd install it on your computer and your nephew’s one. Don’t update, play in lan, be happy.

That’s the thing to remember though, you can’t connect online or it will update.

There is a bug where if you own classic (RoC CD Key attached to your BattleNet 2.0 account). Instead of letting you install Warcraft III it asks you to buy Reforged. To get around this switch the BattleNet application into offline mode. This allows you to start the installation of games you do not own, including installing Warcraft III Reforged. Once the install has started you can go back online with the application and it should just work then after. After install is complete you should be able to press play and get access to Warcraft III with classic graphics.

If you do not own Warcraft III RoC then you need to buy Warcraft III Reforged. Warcraft III RoC has been removed/obsoleted by Warcraft III Reforged. Warcraft III Reforged includes a licence for both classic content and Reforged content. If it ever goes on sale it is potentially a good deal.

Warcraft III TFT has been obsoleted entirely. Its content was merged into the Warcraft III RoC licence. As far as I am aware the TFT licence is not checked anymore.

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You don’t need to do any of this, you can also manual install from the account site.