Who are blizzard patching for?


The new hotfix that came around in "1.30. hotfix 3 6/12/18. As I’m reading the patchnotes I’m concernerd with [quote=“NewClassic-11551, post:1, topic:2102”]
Note: Arranged teams still require port forwarding for 1.30.2. The current patch only removes the need for port forwarding for custom games,
This got me thinking in lines with “who are blizzard really patching the game for”. If we go back to [quote=“NewClassic-11551, post:1, topic:1968”]
Today we deployed a server fix to help queue times for match making and chat related issues
[/quote] That make the game “playable” since the Saturday patch(very good day to launch a patch btw).

Feels like the classic team are just trying to make the cg more appealing than the the ladder. That’s just my thought since the patch came live. Like to know your comments


yep, got the same feeling


saw that my quotes didn’t made the copy paste, this post will look foolish, Hope you’ll still see the problem I’m trying to address. Seeing as I try to address this i get “Please wait for other users to participate before replying”. I just don’t know anymore.


They are patching for a small community called hive. Thats why you see some weird decisions like black bars being added, fixed aspect ratio gone, fmod sound etc. because they only listen to a small group of players. They couldnt care less about ladder players, that why we are getting god awful balance patches and broken matchmaking.