Which custom game are you guys looking forward to play again?


For me its WarChasers and DOTA.


I want too see a lot of the tag games back I loved those lol, vampire tag, island defenders. Footy frenzy and hero line wars were classics too. Hero sieges oh man. There were some really creative games.


Werewolf Transylvania, all kinds of Vampirism (Beast,Fire,Zero) , Farmers vs Hunter, Dark Deeds,Tree Tag,also some kind of TD (Mafa,Green,Elemental), fun escape and maze maps like : Are you a retard ? , Pyramid Escape , Escape Gay Heaven and few others like Uther Party…
Quiz maps like Weakest link, others like Pimp my peon…
Also i wanna see all full shiny glory of Lordaeron Aftermath, i wanna see Black Road improved by custom author, wanna try some RPGS.
And ye i wanna see Dota, and honestly i want see Hots maps too = but those will do community…


DBZ Tribute for me… I loved that game so much. Many summers playing with my brother. lol


Werewolf with all my friends :smiley:
It would be great to play it again with new models etc.


Definitely most the tower defense games and ENFOs!


Classic DotA, Battle Tanks, Battleships Crossfire, Footmenwars. These custom maps we used to play most on our gaming bootcamps for many years.


300 Veyr good custom game.


Helms Deep and Lord of the Rings


I’m looking forward to the RP maps.


Survival chaos. It is a great game


I am hoping for DoBRP. If I could code I would dive into the old code and try remake it myself, but I cannot code D=<


Resident Evil LoaP
Helms Deep
Helms deep esk versions of thr bigger game of thrones battles.


:expressionless: :upside_down_face: playing dota in current wc3 is illegal. the FBI will arrest anyone comitting this foul heresy.


Definitely Dota, I wish they could add a system similar to Dota 2, that allowed you to customize your hero and show personal Dota performance… I think it would be really awesome.

(blizzard still has the rights to use the name of Dota non commercially so it’s not illegal)



One of the best things the reforged team could do would be to provide support specific for DotA enhancements. They can simply do it behind the scenes , not advertise it and let word-of-mouth drive it…IMO, if done right players will come back in droves to experience it and stay given WC3 provides a platform for so many different genres of games.

Honesty, its such a big opportunity I would be surprised if they didn’t have someone tinkering with ways to allow Dota to flourish in reforged. What I mean is that they don’t take over Dota, more than they add specific tools they know the community will take advantage of when improving the original Dota experience.

‘Dota Reforged’ - huge draw-card if done right!

One of the biggest benefits would be something as simple adding region based matchmaking for custom maps and then adding a ‘favorites’ area so you can find specific games faster. If Dota proves popular it would naturally climb to the top and Blizzard honestly say it was done organically and not through them commercializing it as the features are available to all custom maps.


Cut me off the slack,
you got dota 2, leave us alone please ok ? thank you very much.

its time for other maps to shine.
its not time for a 10 year old game to come back from the grave even though its literally a standalone free to play title on its own.


I’ve been working on and off on my own “solo” version of WarChasers for years. It’s an awful attempt, and drastically needs rebalancing, but I will definitely pick it up again and keep working on it. I’ve even got a “secret hero” area, currently with five extra heroes.


Collab Time ?
i am doing warchasers myself aswell.

I can send u wht i have


DOTA 2 was never as enjoyable…

Agree, though there are many great custom maps to enjoy. However, many of us have played them to death! Lets hope with new graphics and upgraded mechanics some new life can be breathed into the game.