Where is reforged 1.30.2 PTR link Download?


I don’t understand. The link they provide to the PTR does not have Reforged listed?? This is confusing! Another post says the classic is available on the December 1st so I don’t think they are talking about that. I am a confused Kilthador. :frowning:


It is called Warcraft III (possibly with The Frozen Throne appended to it). In case you were not aware the current version of Warcraft III is Reforged to some extent, minus the improved graphics which are being held back until ready.

Do note that if you did not have Warcraft III keys attached to your BattleNet 2.0 account you will not be able to see it. This is due to the PTR requiring RoC/TFT keys attached to the account and a technical problem is preventing the roll out of such keys to people who pre-ordered Reforged. This will be solved by at latest December 1st.


WHAT?!?! I already had WC3 RoC/TfT!!! What BS is this?!?!?!


Link them to your Bnet account


So does this mean that those of us that do not have any previous keys will not have access to the PTR & need to either buy classic or wait for the full game?


You can’t buy classic anymore, classic versions of the game come with the reforged edition… However do note, if you buy reforged you still won’t be able to play due a problem with said keys, solution of this problem is expected by 1st December.

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Edit: I wasnt logged in with my account.

The download link does show once logged in on this page: https://us.battle.net/account/download/?show=classic


Well if you go to your collection, you can click on warcraft 3 TFT and then bottom-left you have a PTR download link.


ahhh I see all clear now…

But for me it’s OK not to try the PTR since what I want to test now is if my PC is compatible for the graphics of the new game. Since the PTR does not have the new graphics yet I’ll just wait for the game to launch next year.