Where do you think Blizzard is at right now?


Do you think they are ready for beta release soon?

I find it weird that not even a single hint on Twitter or Forums has come nor from Chinese scene.

Also do you think beta will be on Frozen Throne or Reign of Chaos or both?

Will it be story mode or multiplayer or both?

I mean if you look at Pete Stilwells activity he was online yesterday on the forums.

So big reveal soon?


idk man

i think it’ll be on RoC because… well, it’s the first part, so it seems logic?


i just saw an interview/preview/whatever that said it’s going to be both versions…like literally saying that it’ll be both versions…and that the developer was most excited to remaster his favorite story about arthas and how he became the lich king…


i know both versions will be remade, op was just asking for beta


Presentable: Probably most/all of the human and orc stuff. A good chunk more of undead, a few night elf things.
Overall: I’m really gonna stretch here and say that they have all the materials they need to be working on the campaigns, just a lot of ‘first draft’ or rough models.

If the beta includes any singleplayer stuff, it’ll be Reign of Chaos missions. For multiplayer though I think it’ll be Frozen Throne. That’s just what people have been used to for so long.


i’d imagine beta would be for the version currently active with the most players? nobody is playin ROC so…they’re gonna beta test up to TFT.


I would guess all 4 races are ready. Because the time of the Beta is nigh. I doubt a few more months would change that much. It’s either they take their sweet time, or they don’t. And they decided not to.


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Very constructive post for an intrigue/speculation thread, thank you.


To be honest i was just curious if i was getting banned or not.

For my speculations…

Multiplayer only beta with access to competitive, custom and “arcade” game modes; It will start on late spring or early summer and it will last at least three months, it will of course have all the four races fully available.

The thing we should expect on the near future is a mini trailer/tease about night elves and undeads


it will be “Melee only” version i think, i mean the beta. With some 4-6 reforged maps like lost temple or turtle rock. I just dont see the reason to show the reforged campain in this lowdate beta.