Where are u?

Did we get a BLUE post about the situation ? its 3/02 and we get nothing.


They’re busy discussing with their overlords how they’re going to spin this onto the community, because it’s the communities problem for getting our hopes up. It’s the communities problem for expecting*** more than what was promised.


They are waiting for the angry mob to drop their pitchforks and torches.

but they already did, and still nothing from BLIZZ. It seems they just dont care. I already get my refund but, i want to now more - did they try to fix it or they just do as the “WH40000 3” Devs do, i mean go away.

All in all they succeded.
They scored certain income, which was their goal, and the rest, i mean the game, players will have to adapt, and step by step cheer for any patch.

I was thinking recently, Why ? why the hell this company behaves in such matter in last years.
Probably for them there is far more profit in doing less, then investing in passionate people who will develope great stories, make good, stable games.
If you compare the times when they been investing a lot in it, from 1994 Warcraft 1, absolutely great stable game, same W2, then W3, Frozen throne, i would say the best game ever produced, and then WoW from 2004 till Cata.

From Cata onwards the policy of doing less quality started, combined with huge marketing, is supposed to be great business.

Really look how easily, they pulled 30eur for Reforged from us :slight_smile:

They always claimed, they will never enable classic realms, but when they realized its better for their income, wow current expansions became very poor, with low population, all of a sudden they implemented classic realms :slight_smile:

They act like politicians, when things are really bad they give you something you, so you keep voting, give or promise.

Just pity they ruined W3, for us its a pity, for them its no problem, and its their thing.

People may say, i cry about W3, it is not that bad.
But listen, the thing is the game from 2003 was far better, stable, interface also, icon earning, lader, clan.
Not to mention, bugs, black screen, pernament gameplay lag, freezes after game found randomly. In general very annoying product, in comparison with 2003 best game of all times.
But hey 30 eur is free for grabs, why not, some dudes even did 40 :smiley:





yo bro that’s weird and creepy. Their place of business is public and well known. Not sure what type of creeper sh*t your on but take your malicious weirdo rhetoric somewhere else lol

All they need to do to cast tranquilazing shot on the ENRAGED masses, is to tell us that they are working hard to improve on everything that people want fixed, that includes, more powerful UI and editor, and RANKED ladder, and to make the menu not be a satanic google chrome (666) browser app.

No blue post, so far the only communication has been a scarce few tweets from Matt Morris.

Point is nobody would be reassured to know blizzard is getting to work.

Let’s give it an other day. The only week day since release was last Friday, and it’s currently 4am in California.

Ye and now when, they answer to us - “ur foult u buy it and dont have fun with campaigne” Gj Blizz. Its true my foult i buy it (and get a refund), and now they say a BLUEPOST that “nochanges” deal with it. Im so happy for that 2.5 ppl who cry about no “campaigne changes” and ruin my reforged. Go and leave in ur 2004 or where are ur “gray brain intelect” stop responding i dont care. My bad for them

They will be scheming about their response. I mean they obviously don’t want to spend money on this game so anything they announce will have to be considered so it has maximum impact with the community at the lowest possible cost to the company.

There will be lots of emotive language but very few specific details in the hope the storm clouds dissipate in a few months.

We will probably get a Reforged 2.0 patch in 4-6 months time that adds in all the core features that have been missed and that will be it.


Ye u right, they just w8 the ppl for some rage and then all will be fine, no Blizz, no fine days for u. We the people 30+ years old dont forget this, u Blizz ruined our memories. U deserve all the hate.
BTW i have my OriginalCD from 2004. At least u cant take it from me u maneybag Actilizard. Maybe some days we got True Reforget from MOD makers who truly get us 4+ hour reforged cutscenes… oh w8 u ruined this to with ur NEW policy. So no new cutscenes from MOD makers and no new content from them at all. U screw all.

It’s the communities fault for expecting blizzard to do what they said they would do.

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Why are people still regarding the silence?

They made a post about this 5 hours ago.