Whenever I log onto RoC, the server thinks I am on TFT. I have a TFT icon, TFT ladder maps but I'm on the RoC client. And if I play a random ladder game, it desyncs instantly and someone gets a loss. So it's basically an unintentional, volatile drop hack


This has been happening to me ever since I switched to the new wc3 launcher that allows you to switch between RoC/TFT in one client. I have reinstalled over 20 times from official download links and it keeps happening. When I log onto the RoC client, it IS the RoC client. it shows the green RoC fog/rain background, but shows a TFT icon next to my name, says there are over 5,000 people currently on TFT, and when I go to play a ladder game, there are only TFT maps, and it matches me with someone on TFT and then the game desyncs at start because technically I’m on RoC and TFT simultaneously.